Sinful Sunday 424 – Acceptable

A host of nipple-centric Sins last Sundays saw me reflecting on what sex positive images are increasingly acceptable to share on certain web platforms. (And I’m sure you don’t need me to name the guilty parties.)

Sinful Sunday

So this is dedicated to all those social media companies.

20 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 424 – Acceptable”

  1. Bravo 👏 Let the nipples run free, you puritans!
    I do love the symbolism in this picture ; the constraint of the nipple in this shot, censored and covered in tape, but still a site of sensual pleasure and eroticism. Great shot 👌

  2. This is a brilliant image and I love the point you are making and the way you have done it so artfully 🙂

  3. A point brilliantly made!

    Rebel xox

  4. Alethea Hunt Says:

    Sarcasm in a picture. Fabulous. x

  5. Brilliant idea, love it.

  6. Free the nipple…. unless you are enjoying it in which case maybe peg the other one too 😉


  7. DeviantSuccubus Says:

    Free the nipple! Great picture and strong statement through visual art.

  8. Love this – simple but effective x

  9. So simple but effective. #freethenipple

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