Aspire to average

Porn is great.
There … I’ve said it. Again. I love porn.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love all porn. There is good porn, and there is bad porn. There is porn that will stiffen my resolve in nano seconds, and there is porn that will get me turning off the screen and going to make a mug of tea quicker than you can say pass the kleenex. It’s all very much a matter of taste, and as you may well know, Loyal Reader, amongst other things I have a taste for both

colourful latex fetish porn and amateur porn.

I suspect something most porn lovers enjoy is imagining themselves involved in what they’re viewing. Perhaps that’s why the body beautiful is so prevalent – the stereotype of pneumatic tits, cinched waists, rippling 6-packs and behemoth dicks. It’s all supposed to be aspirational. We aspire to have pornstar sex and, to some degree, pornstar bodies. But who amongst us is actually built like that? I’m never going to be hung like John Holmes or have the abs of Ryan Reynolds, and I’ve never fucked anyone with Pamela Anderson’s rack or Kate Moss’s waistline. Which is absolutely fine. Average is real, and I don’t need my fantasy sex to be fantastical. We mere mortals have a little fat here, a stretch mark there, a scar, saggy boobs, a diminutive prick. We are ordinary.

And I’d rather watch you fuck, Sexy Reader, than Stormy Daniels and Ron Jeremy. More believeable is more arousing.
(It’s why I love Sinful Sunday.)

Far be it from me to decry how anyone looks, but in the world of fetish porn, the likes of Susan Wayland or Bianca Beauchamp aren’t for me. [Ed: On behalf of AM’s legal team, we’d like to emphasis that there is no suggestion that Susan and Bianca are anything but perfectly lovely people who deserve all out respect, whether their work appeals to us or not.] Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and whilst Adonis and Aphrodite have their aesthetic virtues, for me there is a profound eroticism in Jane and Jon Doe. Which is undoubtedly why the following pictures appealed to me when they appeared in my Tumblr feed.

I’m not sure the models would exactly class as plus size, and I dare say the make-up and photoshop departments have had their hand in the photos, but as I’ve long believed that pretty much anyone looks good in rubber, I feel it’s worth a little average sized celebration of latex loveliness.


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  1. 21stcenturyb0y Says:

    Agreed. 100%

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