Sinful Saturday : Orange is the new black – Pt1

Yeah yeah. I know it’s Sunday that’s supposed to be Sinful, but who reads 450+ words when there is a plethora of pervy pics to peruse and genitals to be massaged?

So here’s the back story for tomorrow’s sinning.

Was it really back in Oct 17 that I thoroughly enjoyed donning a pair of lace top stockings in the name of Sinful Sunday and in homage to Jo? Cross dressing’s not my thing, but there was a subversive, skin tight pleasure not unlike wearing latex fetishwear that then inspired me to go hunting for rubber stockings. Finding them in black was easy, as was red. But you’ll know, Loyal Reader, that I like my rubber a bit more colourful.

The longer I searched for colour, the more my mind spun off on tangents.
Stockings are great. But on their own? Hmmm …
One of my other fetishes is gloves. Especially opera gloves.

[Ed: Although AM wasn’t dating His Wife in 1998, He is pretty sure She saw the cover of this calendar …

…whilst later helping Him box up the contents of His flat prior to moving in with Her.]

Stockings go so well with opera gloves … which is great … but those are even harder than stockings to find in anything other than black and red. (Years ago I had a pair of purple latex opera gloves that went quite well with my chap-shorts. They were a bit too small, so they were eBay’d, and regrettably I’ve since failed to replace them.)

My searching eventually led me to Latex Catfish, who produce both stockings and opera gloves to order. Unlike most manufacturers of fetishwear, these are cut from patterns and glued, not moulded, so the choice of colours is far better.

Hmmm ….

Just stockings paired with opera gloves still didn’t quite constitute a full outfit, so I designed a pair of kinky briefs to go with them. And because I used the same maquette that I’d previously used to design my rubber catsuit, and that had led to designing a complimentary outfit for my Wife, it seemed logical to do so again.

[Ed: If either of the respective outfits ever get made for AM’s Wife, let alone get worn by Her, I’ll happily dance naked through the supermarket with a cauliflower stuck up my arse.]

Since I’d first discovered the Catfish brand some years ago, I’d heard mixed reports. Whilst I was prepared to be disappointed, their prices were almost impossible to beat and there had been enough folk on Fetlife who’d had positive experiences to make it worth a punt.

I sent them my design, placed my order and …

… yeah yeah yeah. I know, Dear Pervert. You want to see the finished article. Well you’ll just have to wait for tomorrow for that sin.

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