Ranked and wanked

Feeling really quite horny after finishing proofing and scheduling a post, and having caught up on a couple of particularly pervy post from others, I felt the urge for a wank.
Nothing unusual there.
Nor was there anything unusual about the search term I typed into Google for some inspirational imagery.

As I was after some gratuitous, knuckle deep, pussy fingering action to stroke one out to, the results were a little disappointing.

The first was just a bit rubbish.
The second was definitely cock wanking, not cunt wanking.
The third was squirting, which i wasn’t in the mood for.
There was no cunt to be seen in fifth.
But at least the fourth was heading in the right direction.

But wait!
What’s that?
The sixth image seemed rather familiar.
It was!
I’ve used that gif in a post ages ago … oh … hang on … that’s linking to my blog …

… quoting the text …

That moment | Accidental Masturbator
Accidental Masturbator – WordPress.com
That moment when, satiated and soaked in sweat and cum, you’d rushed towards the business of the day that you had postponed just for a frenetic wank.

… and sharing that fantastic penetration shot I found and shared (and jerked off to) three years ago!

So as my cock swelled at the sight of a beautiful cunt, spreading as it sinks down and wriggles on a rampant cock, my ego swelled at Google linking to one of my posts for such an innocent search term as cunt wank.
And then I had a frenetic wank before, soaked in sweat and cum, I rushed towards the business end of the day.

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