Proud To Be A Pervert

Everyone wants to be one of the cool kids. Even the goth kids sulking in the corner of the park secretly want to fit in to something. Be part of a gang. A family. It’s probably a result if social media, the democratising of opinions, that there’s a proliferation of identity washing over (most of) the world these days.

The LGBTQ community are almost obliged to be out right now, not least during Pride Month.
There are marches to reclaim the word slut.
Swingers have toe rings for calling cards.
But if you don’t get off on one particular kink, fetish or proclivity, it can easily feel like you’re just whacking off on your own.

Andre has a red flag, Chiang Ching’s is blue
They all have hills to fly them on except for Lin Tai Yu

I wondered if there was a flag for fetishists … and it turns out there sort of is. The Rubber Pride flag.

Except it’s not the flag for me, because it’s whilst I love rubber, it’s a flag owned by the gay rubberist community.
It’s not my flag.

So if you’re just into sex – any sex, lots of sex, fun sex, uninhibited sex, imaginative sex, experimental sex, maybe kinky sex or even taboo sex – and if you can’t find a flag to fly, start your own revolution, cut out the middleman, and make your own.

[Ed: If you’re proud to be a pervert, fly the flag by grabbing the code below and posting it into your blog. ]

<p style=”text-align: center;”><a href=”;preview=true”><img class=”alignnone wp-image-14597 size-full” src=”; alt=”Proud To Be A Pervert” width=”150″ height=”142″ /></a></p>

4 Responses to “Proud To Be A Pervert”

  1. I love it. I might play capture the flag and post it on my blog at some point. 🤣🤣🤣👌

  2. Lol love the article. I don’t know if I call myself a pervert I don’t think that will sink in well with my wife and kids…lmao! Great article love the flag.

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