Somrwhere under the rainbow

As we head towards the end of June or, as it is better known, Pride Month, it seems appropriate to roll out the rainbows in support of all our LGBTTQQIAAP friends (as well as both the GSD/MOGAI arseholes and angels about whom we know as little as all the straight/cis strangers of the world).

You will know, Loyal Reader, I’m not only all in favour of fucking whoever the fuck you want, I’m also an advocate of waving your multi-coloured pantsuk around, especially if you care about collar’n’cuffs.

What you may not have appreciated is that I also have both winter and summer undies … inevitably paired with socks. Winter warmers and summer coolers. And as the northern hemisphere claws itself into a more energetic orbit, my smalls have been accordingly rotated.

There has, however, been a problem. My summer socks have been getting increasingly … well … porous.
Time for some shopping!

As a stickler for fashion, I do like my socks to match my chromatically diverse pantsuk, so I was thrilled to stumble upon a rainbow pack of socks in the local supermarket. BINGO!

And the coordination is so near perfect, I almost feel proud.

(Please excuse the extra parir of pink pantsuk in there spoiling the image. So very careless of me not to notice their presence untill it was too late.)

3 Responses to “Somrwhere under the rainbow”

  1. So very amusing 🀣

  2. I think the photo may be better for the extra pink pair! There is usually something appealing about imperfection and asymmetry.

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