The impossible dream

Fantasy is a cruel mistress [Ed: Or perhaps more accurately a cruel dominatrix] and as We edge towards Uur time in the tutelage of Dr Ruth, it is difficult not to contemplate the outcome. It could end in a divorce court, homelessness and both financial and social penury. Or it could end up in a rebuilt relationship and a promising future. Whatever happens, it is unlikely to end up with my Wife and I descending enthusiastically into the depths of my perversions. [Ed: Lets not forget that AM did find a web article penned by Dr Ruth that extolled the potential virtues of BDSM. But lets be honest, it’s going to take more than a couple of days being forced to confront their marital issues to bridge their sexual differences. So AM’s probably right.]
Not that that has stopped me from fantasising.

What if?
What if my Wife discovered a way to release Her Inner Nympho? [Ed: It really is time that AM came to terms with the fact that, just because he is Priapus incarnate (his average sized cock notwithstanding), doesn’t mean everyone’s got an “inner nympho”!] And what if I suddenly I felt OK outing my My Inner Rubberist? [Ed: … which is almost as unlikely in the context.]
What if my Wife turned around and said Ok then, I’ll give it a go. Lets go shopping for something rubber for Me to wear when We go to TG.

The impossible dream.

But seeing as I’m indulging a what if dream, what style outfit would I try to steer Her towards?

In some ways, starting with the first latex outfit I designed for my Wife would be the obvious choice. The one intended to go with my rubber catsuit.

Or the second outfit I designed for Her. The one which would match my stockings and opera gloves.

Perhaps being introduced to your husband’s rubber fetish should be taken a little more slowly. Rather than diving in with His’n’Hers. Perhaps something less challenging would be the place to start. Something like Her daily undies … just in latex?

No. Too boring. And how many times to I have to say black is just so passé? A little more colour. And something a little more revealing…

Granted, going straight from boring black boy shorts to just three minuscule rubber triangles is maybe taking it a little too quickly. Not least as it really wouldn’t work well without a little topiary, which is just as unlikely. A better place to start might be just something basic (and cheap) – a halter neck mini dress, zip fronted of course, with a pair of matching driving gloves.

But those gloves are probably going to have to be bespoke, so probably doubling the price. Lets keep it simple with the off-the-peg rubber dress tried on by a fellow blogger when I accompanied her on her inaugural visit to a fetish shop,

Not adventurous enough? Ok, lets add a little more kink and make it a spanking skirt (or as I like to think of them – rubber mullets).

But if we’re jumping feet first into kink, how about an old favourite from the rubber closest – bit of corsetry?

But then again, why not just go the whole hog and opt for a gimp suit?

Yeah. You’re probably right, Dear Reader. Too much for a rubber newbie. Well, there’s always that dress. The one that was in the window of a fetish shop not far from my Wife’s (then girlfriend’s) flat when we first started dating. The dress to which She seemed to make a point of drawing my attention as We walked past it for the first time together. One of the most fantastic latex dressed I’ve ever seen. And a conversation which promised infinitely more rubbery delights with my girlfriend (now Wife) than have ever seen fruition.

Of course, it would be foolish of me not to consider the fact that, even if Dr Ruth were to fix Us, I regretfully suspect My Wife is still most likely to always opt for a floral winceyette nighty.

2 Responses to “The impossible dream”

  1. corsetandstockings Says:

    Talking about latex dresses, I paid my first visit to Atsuko Kudo recently – her dresses really are something else …

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