Sinful Sunday 433 – A ring of truth

Being acknowledged is sexy. Knowing that Someone is taking notice of You, especially in a sexual sense, is a huge aphrodisiac. And in the wake of several days with Dr Ruth, my Wife simultaneously being obliged to consider my perspective and actually expressing both empathy and regret for Her behaviour towards me, and then being OK when I said I felt horny … well … it’s a virtuous circle and the last couple of days have seen me hornier than a horny thing swimming in a sea of horniness.

Sinful Sunday

Since We returned from or intensive couples’ counselling, aside from a ravenous appetite for porn, and masturbating at lease twice a day, I have spent a lot of time wearing my ball stretchers.

The three rings I currently own are marketed as both Ball Stretchers and Wedding Rings. The ball stretching, I understand – they’re weights that clamp around the base of your scrotum and pleasurably pull downwards under gravity. #Hmmmmmm!!!!!!!

But the Wedding Ring bit? I’ve never quite got my head round that. Bondara’s respective product page does show the likely intention, even if I still can’t divine the distinction between a Cock Ring and a Wedding Ring.

Still, having both had my libido reinvigorated, and put my wedding ring back on my finger for the first time in around a decade, I have found myself reflecting on this nomenclature once again. Only this time I realised wuite how I’d actively like my Wife to be actively involved in my perversions.

Yes, that is one of my ball stretchers on my Wife’s pillow.
No, I didn’t leave it there for Her to find after I’d taken the photo.
Yes, I would like to.
No, I don’t imagine I will do so any time soon.

14 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 433 – A ring of truth”

  1. jcisme123 Says:

    Hey! You gotta start somewhere! 😉

  2. I get the being acknowledged as sexy part. There is nothing less sexy or worse for the soul than not being seen and feeling you must have disappeared. I can remember that well and it wasn’t good. It made me live life as if I was on the edge. I love the picture of your ball stretchers. I can’t imagine how that feels but it intrigues me. 😊

  3. Not quite sure about the wedding connection either. I’ve been wanting to get one of those stretchers, mine are all elastic. Perhaps you should show her one of these and tell her how pleasurable it is to wear and ask her if she would like to put it on you.

  4. Ohh I hope the therapy works out for you guys and I glad it has reinvigorated your horn.

    • Let’s hope so. I’m not confident my horn will ever see the reciprocity We have been shown We need to afford each other in other respects, but if you don’t have a wet dream, how are you gonna have a wet dream cum on you?

  5. It’s terrible when you are not seen or acknowledged. I hope things work out for you. Love that last image with your wedding ring!

    Rebel xox

  6. It sounds as though the sessions with Dr Ruth progressing well, and the fact that you’re wearing your ring for the first time in a decade is quite a step forward.
    Great images, AM

  7. I really hope this is a step in the right direction for you. Not being seen is devastating.

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