Too much, too soon

One of the little thing that my Wife and I have long struggled with has been booking holidays together. A time when control-freakery, micro-managing, disparate planning styles, man-shopping vs woman-shopping and self destructive acquiescence have lead to conflict.

So booking our first post-Dr-Ruth family holiday was always going to be interesting.
And oddly We did OK.
I suggested a destination.
She researched it.
I shortlisted accommodation.
She looked at flights.
We booked.
It worked.
We did ok.

But it nearly all went pair shaped.

We reviewed the accommodation shortlist together on my laptop.
As She is the primary earner, it made sense to pay on Her credit card.
She entered Her details, and a photograph was requested.
My laptop has a webcam built in, so click … click … click …
Ah …
That wasn’t going to link to the webcam.
That was looking to open files from the last directory opened.
Which was an SD card I hadn’t meant to leave in my laptop.
The SD card reserved for my Sinful Sunday photos. Which ranged from 100 odd time lapse frames of me wearing a rubber catsuit in the shower, to me with a Share XL down my pantsuk, to unprocessed video footage of me fucking a Fleshlight, to my wedding ring on my wedding ring on Her pillow, to … well … next week is quite explicit in its own way …
Quickly … possibly slightly too quickly … I managed to divert Her away from that window, and found another head-shot from the legitimate photo library.
We completed the booking process.

I think I got away with it!

While there is a new found part of me that wants to out my perversions to my Wife, I don’t think We’re anywhere near ready for that yet.

13 Responses to “Too much, too soon”

  1. Perversions? More like… inclinations. I personally only call shit perverted if others are being exploited for the sexual pleasure of another. You are not a pervert; you have complex and rather exciting sexual needs and practices. Good for you! Most fucking people are too scared to delve into their own kinks. I think that is why so many people are sad and miserable. Disconnected from their bodies and sexuality. I hope you out yourself one day. Just be who you are. You deserve that!

  2. Have you considered it might be time to just come open and clean? Do you really want to continue in a marriage where you have to hide an important part of yourself?

    • Yes I’ve considered it.
      No it’s not time to come clean.
      And whether it us worth continuing in a marriage… is not a simple equation.
      There are more steps to be taken yet, and I am adamant tgat We will have a protracted conversation with Dr Ruth about sex. Then … maybe then …

    • Having a plan is a Great idea! Love how you are progressing. Keep going my friend. 😊

    • Plans are great … especially when they are infinitely flexible, and include a reverse gear. 😄

    • Absofuckinglutely!!

    • I agree with Miss Amelia, and was happy to read your replies. Yes, having a talk with an objective third party is a good idea. If only so that you look at yourself with pride when you leave (if she cannot accept you, the whole assertive, horny, kinky you), and can enjoy your kinks with her or at least in her presence if you stay.

  3. Something like that happened to me once – life would be much different now if it wasn’t for a quick diversion too!

  4. Oh, I can imagine the heart thumpong adrenaline rush and panic. Nice save.

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