Sinful Sunday 435 – Special C

Every once in a while, a story surfaces (typically in the tabloid press) about someone seeing Jesus or Elvis in their toast. Obviously they haven’t, and it’s not a sign from God. It’s not the Messiah, it’s a very crisp slice of bread. But the human brain loves patterns, be that faces on toast or flying pigs in cloud formations. It’s called pareidolia and it’s a large part of how we learn to process the world.

Sinful Sunday

I’ve never seen Elvis or Jesus in my toast. Perhaps indicative of what goes on in my head, however, this morning I saw a cunt in the freeze dried strawberries of my Kellogg’s Special K.

Is there something inherently sexual about strawberries?

Many years ago, promoted either by tales Alice heard form herΒ best friend, or inspired by the sex manual she had given Alice, I remember trying to eat slices of strawberries from between Alice’s pussy lips. Whilst the juicy fruit undoubtedly tasted even better for the addition of my girlfriend’s own juices, as a sex game, it didn’t really work, and we just ended up eating the strawberries … and then fucking. There may have been an aerosol can of whipped cream … or that may have been a different occasion. I’m afraid can’t remember. What I can remember was the specific requirement for it to be strawberries.

And I’m not the first person to spot erotica in strawberries. The artist Stephanie Sarley is infamous for her masturbatory fruit.

27 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 435 – Special C”

  1. I really want strawberries now. I always see pussy in oysters. And that is precisely why I love slurping them down. Mmmm…..

  2. Mmmmmm…..πŸ‘„πŸ“

  3. francescademont Says:

    This is great! I’ll never look at freeze dried strawberries the same way (or special K for that matter). My dirty mind has just gotten a little more dirty. Thanks 😘

  4. Some white liquid seems like the appropriate addition!

  5. Yep, strawberries are inherently sexy there is no doubt about it even when freeze dried in Special K

  6. Best you send that to your local paper, but yes there is something sexy about fruit when used in the right way.

    I really like your spoon, it’s a lovely colour.

  7. Made me chuckle as I read this – with my bowl of special K for breakfast on my knee!

  8. I now have this urge to eat strawberries! This made me smile πŸ™‚

    Rebel xox

  9. I do love how everyone wants strawberries now. I don’t, but I can’t see anything other than dick in that strawberry. The thumbnail made me think it was even before I clicked on it.

  10. DeviantSuccubus Says:

    Ha, this is fab!

  11. Not sure I’ll look at a strawberry the same now! Great image.

  12. Yes, I find strawberries very erotic, too. And peaches. And oysters….

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