Sinful Sunday 439 – An Englishman abroad

Sadly I’m not one of those people who will turn a shade of bronze at the parting of winter clouds, and am more likely to take on the hue of a freshly boiled lobster if I stay out in even the UK’s restrained sun for more than a couple of hours.

Which is a pity because, for me, being naked in the sun is a undeniable pleasure. There is limited private outdoor space and opportunity at home to indulge my naturist tendencies, and whilst there is negligible prospect of a holiday at Cap d’Agde, a week in the Med does provide rare opportunities. Especially when the apartment we are staying at has a secluded balcony. And when the rest of the family are out for an hour or two and I have the place to myself.

Sinful Sunday

So what was an Englishman abroad to do … other than have a cup of tea.

23 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 439 – An Englishman abroad”

  1. I hope you enjoyed your precious alone moments. it certainly looks very tranquil and appealing


    • A photo the rental comoany wiuld have been proud of. (My arse notwithstanding.) Over the wall was a derelict courtyard full of rubble, detritus and feral cats, and the balcony was overlooked on three sides. But it did feel nice yo be naked in the sun.

  2. Looks like you put those alone moments to ‘good use’.

    Rebel xox

  3. A fun little peek and the cup of tea is trying to steal the show!

    • I’m sure my Wife would agree these days – a poor cup of Lipton’s in an Ikea cup is probably more desirable than my arse. 😔

    • 😕 I’m sorry that wasn’t what I meant, if it came across that way. I enjoyed the peek of you, you’re visible but not completely. Anytime a man is willing to show their arse naked I’m elated! 😘

    • Don’t worry – you didn’t suggest that at all. Though I really do think my Wife would be infinitely more elated to be presented with a mediocre cup of tea than even My gorgeous naked arse. Let alone my naked cock.

  4. A fabulous way to spend some alone time, naked, bag out

  5. Love the framing of this shot

    • Thank you. This was the third edit: The fist was an attempt to make the tea the primary subject, but the original shots sadly didn’t work well enough for that. I preferred the second, overall, but reaaly didn’t like how I looked as you could see all of me. #LessIsMore #MiddleAgedBodyAngst

  6. Oh yes . . . I do love a balcony, expecially with bare bottoms to view !!!
    Xxx – K

  7. You look so relaxed here and it is as if your naked bottom is meant to be part of the scene 🙂

  8. What a lovely capture of a serene moment. And what a lovely tush! 💋

  9. Wonderful shot and I really like the composition you’ve captured here, very peaceful!

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