Return of the dissolute

Until I started following Hyacinth’s blog, I don’t think I was really familiar with her titular, introspective adjective – dissolute. Hy is, I think it’s fair to say, proudly dissolute, in a league to which I can only aspire. I’m not as regular a reader as I used to be of her story, but it’s hard to think of a time when she hasn’t been fucking at least one guy [Ed: We can only wonder whether AM has jerked off to fantasies of being recorded as a notch on whatever remains of Hy’s bed post.]

But whilst I Hy has probably had more fucks every week of the last 2 years than I’ve had in total in the last two years, dissolute is still a label to which I can easily ascribe. For example …

We got back from the family holiday. As soon as we’re in the door, I’m straight into getting things done.

Post cleared from the doormat and opened.
Answer phone checked.
Bags upstairs and unpacked.
Cock out for a quick wank. (Nowhere near an orgasm though. Far too much to do. Little more than a fiddle really.)
Wash bag decanted into the bathroom cabinet.
Passport put away.
Ball stretcher bolted round my nut sack.
Washing machine filled and running.
Fridge checked and shopping list written.
Dip into one of the porniest Tumblrs I follow for some hard core cock hardening.

Bread maker filled and running.
And off to the supermarket.
All in the first 20min of being home.
Then pen a post on my sex blog whilst sat in the privacy of car park with pre-cum staining my jeans (as I’d chosen to fly home commando.
And as soon as I’m back, home and the shopping is put away, I’m looking forward to a cup of tea and a wank.

Bloody right I am!

10 Responses to “Return of the dissolute”

  1. corsetandstockings Says:

    Washing in machine and bread maker filled etc all in 20 mins – are you Superman??
    And time for a quick fiddle? That bit I do believe πŸ˜„

    • It takes 2m45s to to fill the bread maker. (Yes, I’ve timed it, because a friend once complained they take too long) That leaves 5min to do the laundry (which is pleanty) and 12m15s for a wank. Nothing superhuman about it – just the efficiency of a full time dad.

  2. Wait. Tumblr still has porn? I thought they ousted all the fun content last year? And wow. You are industrious as fuck. Good show πŸ‘

  3. Bravo! That’s a jam-packed day of the dissolute

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