Sexually transmitted infection

Surely it was coinsidene that I was about to pen a post on email scams when my WP feed pointed me at Madeline Harper’s post on Hinge Scams. Perhaps Madline is stalking me, or WP is data-mining my Hotmail account and then feeding some nefarious algorithm to ascertain what topics to promote.
Most likely it was just coinsidence.
Whatever …

Having learned a couple of important emails to me had gone AWOL recently, I found myself digging thgough my Spam folder. Unsurprisingly there were the usual fare:

  • Fake Apple account security allert. (I don’t own any Apple products.)
  • Free offer from a company I’ve never heard of. (I’m really not inteested in lipstick samples.)
  • Mailing list to which I have unwittingly subscribed. (I’ve bought from them, but did I really join the mailing list?)
  • Dating for Sex. (Yeah, I’ll click on that. Ooooh – it’s got an attachemnt – I wonder if it’s porn.)
  • Payment advice from who? (If I’ve not invoiced them, they don’t need my bank details.)
  • Bitcoin opportunity. (If you can’t buy beer with it, I’m not interested.)
  • Internet forum I’ve not looked at in literally years. (I really should delete that account.)
  • Lucrative job offer. (I’d rather live in penuary.)
  • Sex toy marketing. (Why is that in my Spam folder. That’s definitely not spam.)
  • Nigerian Prince with £30M to launder. (Surely he should have found someone to help by now!?)
  • Inheritance from long lost Aunt Bertha Masturbator. (Is it not obvious that Masturbator isn’t my real name?)

I know they’re all scams (except with the obvious historical subscriptions and the sex toy marketing) … and yet … there’s still part of me that is always just a little tempted to click on the mesage from Olga Nikasoffalot, just because I’m led by my cock … and she sounds like a such a nice girl with an insatiable need for cock.

Thank fuck I always see sense just before I click on Olga’s invitation and get some sort of incurable virus!

2 Responses to “Sexually transmitted infection”

  1. Aunt Bertha Masturbator had me in stitches!! Lol 😁

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