Private hobbies

A leaking pipe meant the plumber arrived as I was editing an image for Sinful Sunday. There was a larger-than-life-size image of my cock emblazoned across the screen of my laptop. When the doorbell rang, I hurriedly folded the screen down and hoped everything not saved would not be lost.

Conversations with strangers are readily cued by the ephemera of hobbies: as soon as a fellow guitarist spots a Gibson SG propped up in the corner of your living room, they will likely open debate on string gauges and pedals, whilst the postie will wax lyrical about tearing through the country side with grandpa at the sight of an E Type parked on your drive. But not all hobbies are equal.

My hobbies include writing a sex blog, creating pornographic drawings, and sharing naked selfies at the weekend. If Dr Ruth is to be believed, “all men masturbate and most men watch porn,” so it’s likely the plumber and I share at least one hobby. Yet even though we both have cocks, likely give them a thorough thrashing whilst drooling over pictures of cunts on a regular basis, and have quite probably photographed our own dicks, societal convention sees it infinitely less appropriate as an icebreaker than any proclivity running ones fingers up and down the ribbed, wooden neck of a solid bodied six string, or polish the seductive curves of a slender beauty before taking her for a ride and making her howl for your pleasure.

2 Responses to “Private hobbies”

  1. Very true! 😀 Great post.

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