Inappropriate observations

Once a week, for around a month, I have spent a morning in a stereotypically mum environment. As the only full time dad, I stick out like a sore thumb [Ed: Though AM’s sore thumb probably doesn’t stick out quite as much as the full-time-dad-chip on his full-time-dad-shoulder.] and I was openly applauded the first time I turned up for putting myself in that situation as a full-time-dad … much as a full time mum would be openly applauded for enrolling on a brick layers course. [Ed: See? Told ya! Fucking big chip on His shoulder.]

As with many similar gatherings, there was no shortage of whining about parenting, so when there was discussion about how to deal with young kids throwing tantrums, it wasn’t surprising that someone cited research. It was suggested that a way to calm kids down is to hold them really tightly, and this is mirrored with many adults who, at times of stress like to being hugged tightly, as this provides a sense of security.

I was so near to blurting out how that could be viewed as analogous to BDSM, and how subs often talk of the sense of calm to be found in restriction.

Thankfully I stopped myself just in time. Whilst we live in a post-50-Shades world, being the only FTD in a very mum environment is not the time or place to casually drop bondage into conversation. Not if you want to be welcome another time.

If this unsubstantiated quoting of random research is correct, however, it could easily go some way to explaining why I like wearing rubber and my cock cage so much. And why the lack of physical contact with in my marriage is so crushing.

3 Responses to “Inappropriate observations”

  1. I think that is a very cogent point. I feel there’s a definite correlation.

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