That’s not your game face

Randomly watching night time TV, I caught an interview with Roisin Conaty, promoting her new TV comedy series, Game Face. She related a sexual encounter in which …

Her character tries to bed a gorgeous guy, covered in tattoos. In an attempt to seduce him, she lies about having a tattoo … y’know … down there … on her vagina … but when she gets home she has to rush to the bathroom to draw one on with a bingo marker. The next morning he has marker pen ink all over his face.

We’ve all been there. I don’t mean drawing our genitals. [Ed though AM certainly has done … and on more than one occasion.] We’ve all told a little white lie in an attempt to get into someone’s pantsuk. Thankfully most of us have got away with it without anyone being any the worse for it, so I’m not horrified by the idea.

What does horrify me is that, in sexually enlightened times, a female comic who isn’t afraid of material about eating pussy can reference a tattoo on her vagina.

Her vagina? Her VAGINA? A tattoo ON her vagina!

I really don’t want to flame Roisin, she’s a successful, funny woman, but how does anyone still not know the difference between a vagina and a vulva. More accurately, I’m pretty sure the intention was to imply the tattoo was on her mound / mons pubis, but lets not split pubic hairs.

Perhaps Roisin should have just stopped at … y’know … down there … Better still wouldn’t it be easier if we were all just a little less uncomfortable talking about sex and could bring ourselves to say pussy, cunt, quim, twat, minge or fannyuk in public? Pussy, cunt, quim, twat, minge and fannyuk are, after all, sufficiently broad, colloquial terms that they can easily encompass vagina and vulva.

So in the highly unlikely case that anyone is reading this and still isn’t clear on the difference, here’s a diagram …

16 Responses to “That’s not your game face”

  1. I know my anatomy very well, but a refresher is always nice! 😊

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