[Ed: Here at Accidental Publications Inc, we like to think we have the highest of editing standards, and do our utmost to ensure we only bring you the most accurate filth, smut and porn anywhere in the sex-blog-o-sphere. However, as diligent as we try to be, even we can cock up on occasions. Perhaps distracted by having our cock up someone else, it seems we may have missed a heinous error on AM’s behalf in a recent post.

The error manifested itself in incorrect labelling of the female genitalia.

We would like to humbly apologise to anyone who was mislead as a result of this oversight, and we would direct you to study the graphic-info-graphic bellow for the correct identification.

Rest assured we will make no concessions in our efforts to discover who was responsible for the incorrectly published information, and they will be sent directly to the head of HR, Mistress Accident, for a thorough disciplining.]

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