Sinful Sunday 450 – WTF

(This week is unprecedented, as My photo is not entirely My photo. It is My photo, in as much as it was taken for Me and at My request, but as you will see, it most definitely is not a photo of Me.)

What the fuck?
Actually, what’s the fucking point?
Seriously! What is the point?

What’s the point of porn?

The simple answer is visual sexual stimulation. But whilst yhat explains the function of porn, it doesn’t really explain the point of porn.

Surely for most of us, most of the time, porn is just filling a hole (if you’ll pardon the pun) not otherwise filled. After all, who would rather be wanking while staring down an image of someone else fucking than stare up at the person they were actually fucking?

That is certainly true of this image. I would be far more visually stimulated by watching my Wife’s cunt rise and sink down on by a photo of someone else fingering their cunt.[1]

Sinful Sunday

Not that I didn’t appreciate one of my Generous Readers taking a photo of herself fingering her cunt and sending it to Me.[2] And I most certainly did have a wank over it. [3]

We had fallen into conversation off-blog and, perhaps unsurprisingly, conversation turned to flirting turned to probing questions turned to exchange of fantasies turned to exchange of porno-selfies turned to my request for a Sinful Sunday submission landing in my inbox.

Later, as I showered off the sweat and cum, I wondered how I might justify the situation to my Wife. After all, I would be far more visually stimulated by watching my Her cunt rise and sink down on my cock than by a photo of someone else fingering their cunt. And I wouldn’t feel the need to wank over it.

Perhaps that’s just the same lame excuse trotted out by those whose partners uncover sexual infidelity – She wouldn’t have needed to fuck the photo-copier engineet in the stationary cupboard if her husband had been fulfilling his conjugal duties.

It’s not a justification to anyone who hears it, and me wanking over selfie-porn sent to Me by someone who has read my sex blog … well … I want to fuck … I want my Wife to fuck me … and I’m sure it’s not the excuse my Wife would want to hear, but if She isn’t going to fuck Me, at least I’m not fucking someone else.

And maybe that’s the point if porn.

[1] The Fantastic Reader who is knuckle deep in her cunt in this image is well aware that I’d rather be fucking my Wife, and is fully supportive of that and …
[2] … and she has given her full consent for me to publish her photo …
[3] … and after the news that I had jerked off over her pictures, was sufficiently undeterred that she sent another, more explicit cunt-wank photo. So I’ll take that as approval.

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