Sinful Sunday 461 – Exposure

A picture tells a thousand words … or sometimes none.
I could easily leave this picture to tell it’s own story … or whatever story you feel it tells.

The real story?

For what it’s worth, this is my first ever outdoor Sinful selfie. Taking it minded me very much of our Dear Sinful Hostess, Molly, when she railed against an assumption that her partner tended to take her photographs – that she was just the subject, not the engineer. I empathised at the time, though not with the criticism, but rather with her process for taking them.

Taking this photo was definitely a process – one that so nearly came to naught. Despite treking into the middle of nowhere, on my own, before there was even a hint of daylight, in temperatures barely above zero, wearing next to nothing, and loosing all sensation in my finger tips, all but one of the resulting frames were utterly useless.

Thankfully that one frame was a one I’m so very, very pleased with.
My pride could be rose-tinted by the by the endeavour itself, the sense of achievement with my first outdoor shot, the risk of being interrupted, dressed only in latex fetishwear, by a dog walker or sheep farmer, or even hypothermic euphoria. But I care not.
Of my 74 Sinful Sunday submissions to date, this certainly ranks as on of my favourites

Sinful Sunday

And I hope to return to the location (albeit in warmer weather) for another couple of shots I have in mind.

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