It’s not all bad

There are good days and bad days. Even in a collapsing marriage there are good days.

Two sessions after saying to Kirsty that We wanted to talk about sex, we still haven’t really. We have talked a little about intimacy, and been set homework to touch (in a very limited way), so hopefully We are on that path … if we don’t get too distracted.

In Our last session,

tensions were still running high, and communication and blame are still incendiary problems. Kirsty felt We were not in a place to really address sex and intimacy in any detail, if civility is still fractious. However, the strands of sex and intimacy were evident in part of Our homework for the week:
1) As individuals, think about what had attracted us to each other originally – both physically and intellectually/emotionally. There was no need to share at this stage.
2) Come up with something to talk about with each other. Something non contentious that We could just talk about with each other for 5min. And actually talk about it for 5min.
3) There’s still the need to try to touch, non sexually.

The morning after We were set these tasks, without a connection, I had been contemplating my embryonic escape plan. It may never become a fledgling plan, and leaving the nest is still not certain, but the release from knowing that something might thrive post-divorce is a liberating thought process. That day was good. Not necessarily because it felt like I have a way out, there were other factors, but it’s easy to imagine a link.

In was an uncommonly good day.
Even the next day was OK. And the day after that.

One Response to “It’s not all bad”

  1. Happy to hear about your good days. Hope there are more in your future.

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