Sinful Sunday 476 – Power tool

One of the greatest reliefs of lock-down, for many of us, has been the reopening of DIY stores. The ability to tackle tasks that have been over-due or unfinished, especially when we have time on our hands has been truly welcome. There’s nothing worse than a do-it-yourself enthusiast with time on their hands.

As you know, Innuendo Loving Reader, for a long time I’ve done a lot of DIY. and I’ve got a lot of time on my hands at the moment. So it’s no surprise to learn that I’ve ended up with a tool in my hand. A weighty, powerful, masculine, tool. A tool that is designed exclusively for holes and screwing.

Sinful Sunday

In all seriousness, as I walked through the kitchen with a drill in my hand (and my trousers done up!!!), I did find myself thinking that there is a palpable pleasure to having a well engineered power-tool in your hands. Something that both has a heft to it, and that imparts a real sense of purpose. It just feels right in your hands.

And being an incorrigible pervert, with but one thing almost constantly on my mind, it was perhaps inevitable that I would find myself musing over how much it is analogous to having your hand wrapped around a cock.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must dash – I’ve got an appointment with some chap called Prof. S. Freud.

17 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 476 – Power tool”

  1. I love this image. So much fun along with the sexy.
    Missy x

  2. DAYUM!!! Nothing sexier than a working man! 😈

  3. This is a great shot and yes I could totally go for a handful of throbbing cock right now


  4. I agree, having a throbbing tool in your hand is hot!

  5. I love the band of your undies digging in – really adds urgency to the image. Very hot! x

  6. Persephone Says:

    Haha, oh I love this! It’s so clever, funny and sexy!

  7. Heehee. Fantastic shot!!

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