[Ed: Because the last post was pretty full on, here’s something a little lighter …]

Amidst all the lock-down restrictions with which we are all currently faced, many people are finding new, or not so new ways of passing the time.

In many families, I suspect, old board games and dusty puzzles have been impotently presented to pre-teen tech-junkies as an alternative to the interminable sexting and cyber-bullying that seem a necessary part of a healthy childhood these days. [Ed: What ever happened to good old fashioned playground activities like nipping behind the bike shed at break for a quick game of I’ll-show-you-mine-if-you-show-me-yours, or a snog in the bushes or, my fondest memory, handing over your lunch money in exchange for not getting a dead-leg or a kick in the balls? Halcyon days, eh, Dear Reader? Halcyon days.]

Kids these days! They’re just not interested in jigsaws. So I gather there are plenty of parents who have sorted all the edge pieces in the hope of establishing some momentum on the kitchen table [Ed: No no no, not that kind of momentum on the kitchen table, Incorrigible Reader, the kids are in the next room for fuck sake!] … [Snr Ed: Don’t worry Ed, the kids are lost deep in Halo Infinite territory and will be busy killing each other for hours to come. You can safely tie Mr Ed face down on the kitchen table an bugger him with your equine strap-on without any fear at all of getting interrupted by the kids.]

Our house has seen very much that scene. [Ed: That’s the edge pieces, not the pegging, we can assure you … much to AM’s disappointment, no doubt.] And amongst the several 1000 piece jigsaws completed exclusively by adults, has been this inauspicious example …

As we searched for roof tiles, skin-tones and bicycle wheels, being an incorrigible perv, one piece stood out to me. Surely it didn’t say what I thought it said … did it?

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