Best case scenario

As nothing has been said since my Wife’s individual counselling session, the one which in theory should have been specifically about sex, it’s difficult to know whether We’re a step closer or further away from divorce. [Ed: It should be noted that, within 24hrs of this post being published, of the 9 individual sessions AM will have had with their counsellor, Kirsty (to his Wife’s 3), three will have been predominantly focusing on sex.] Whatever was discussed in Her session, it is difficult to see any indications of whether it was positive, neutral, or negative.

So I find myself contemplating what change would it take for Us to start having sex, and potentially save our marriage? What could make a difference?
[Ed: As Even, AM is at lengths to emphasise that sex alone will not fix the marriage, but without it the marriage can not likely be saved.]

A big question is whether I could ever find my Wife sexually attractive again.

I decided some time ago that it was not productive to think of my Wife sexually. As She has repeatedly railed against the sexualisation and objectification of women, how could I allow myself to regard Her sexually. To do so would put me in an untenable position. I would be the bad guy.

So as much as I might be sexually attracted to women, I have consciously not been sexually attracted to my Wife.

Well just suppose, in the wake of conversation(s) with Kirsty about sex, my Wife were to have some sort of sexual awakening. Just suppose some paradigm shift took place and She became auto-sexualised. Or sexually empowered, if you prefer. What then? What if the hitherto inconceivable came to pass, and my Wife’s sexuality blossomed into a nymphomaniac with the need to fuck twice daily and 3 times on Sundays? Could I give myself permission to find her sexually attractive? More over could I actually still find Her sexually attractive if I did? What change would be needed for that to take place?

And the quick answer is that i really don’t know.

Suppose the Infamous Red Torsolette made an unprecedented appearance? I would have liked that once.
If She hoisted up Her skirt to reveal a neatly shaved pussy, at one time I would have struggled not to avail myself of the invitation.
Were She to drop to Her knees in front of me and beg Me to cum in Her mouth, the time was I would have all but shot my load at the suggestion.
And should She walk into the room, wearing nothing but latex stockings and opera gloves, the short end of a Share XL hidden deep in Her cunt, I would doubtless have been lubing my arsehole before She could have told Me to bend over.

If anyone else did that today [Ed: Perhaps not just anyone …] I’m reasonably sure something would have disappeared up somewhere quicker than a rat up a drain pipe.
But were it to be my Wife …?

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