Sinful Sunday 479 – Once a perv …

Not for the first time in the last few months, circumstances have seen me alone in the old family home. This time was slightly different in that, rather than occurrences drawing me there, I was driven there. Or rather I ran away from home and hid there. I’ll spare you the details [Ed: Or rather AM will spare himself the details.] suffice to say I had time on my hands and no shortage of history though which to dig.

Sinful Sunday

Amongst a drawer full of old clothes I found a selection of long neglected T-shirts, including this from my student days.

Times were obviously different then, because openly wearing such a design around campus these days would surely results in complaints and a disciplinary hearing in front of the faculty heads and dean. But wear it I did, and with no sense of shame.

My first memory of explicit interest in BDSM was the best part of a decade earlier [Ed:ย  … yeah … do the maths, Astonished Reader!] but rather just one example of my sexual deviance taking form.

Rather impressively, despite the many years that have passed since I last wore the T-shirt, it still fits [Ed: … vaguely …] and it just so happened that, having later graduated from naive interest in whips and chains to rubber fetishist, I just happened to have a pair of latex briefs and gloves with me. Well … it seemed rude not to combine the two.

9 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 479 – Once a perv …”

  1. I hope whatever made you run subsides and you can find peace. In the meantime, I LOVE your choices and I NEED that shirt!!

  2. Love the addition of the latex – those gloves look epic. I have been toying with the idea of getting some x

  3. What a great shirt!

  4. DeviantSuccubus Says:

    Oh, this is very cool! I’d totally proudly still wear that shirt, haha! But it is a cool combination of new and old!

  5. I find it really interesting to look back at my teen and 20’s and see the signs of my kink even though I didn’t recognise them as such at the time.


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