(adendum) Really inconvenient!

[Ed: Unless you want to read the self pityings of a middle aged, over-libidinous man who really ought to be a bit more grateful for just being alive with the prospect of a fully functioning, injury free body just a few patient weeks away, please just pass on by. There are far less self indulgent posts to read out there in the blogosphere today.]

Further to Inconvenient, much to my disappointment and growing frustration, it turns out that fucking a Fleshlight when you’ve got a broken shoulder, and are simultaneously in pain & high on pain-killers, isn’t the panacea one might hope for.

Being in a unilaterally sexless marriage has all manner of complications, but this is not one I had anticipated.

Getting broken and (literally) bolted back together was always going to be uncomfortable, and not having been able to have a wank for the last two weeks really is a small price to pay. But as the prescription-only pain-killers wear off, it is not just my injuries that start to ache – it is also my balls, I figured I could at least wedge my Fleshlight between a couple of pillows and get some release without consequence to my upper-body injuries.


Even moderate hip thrusts are acutely uncomfortable, and the concentration required to keep my injured arm still is incompatible with trying to focus on sexual release.

So with the prospect of not only being dependant on other people to do everything I’m usually able to do, the one thing that might help with where my head is at is the one thing that isn’t going to happen.

This morning I am a tired, space-out, horny, frustrated, irritable (non)wanker.

[Ed: Whinge over.]

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