I stopped wearing my wedding ring years ago. Well, I stopped wearing it on my hand. Instead it has hung on a chord around my neck, like some cadaverous albatross. Maybe that sounds a little morbid, but the chronic dysfunction of our relationship has long led me to feel We have not been married for most of Our marriage.

In the meantime, my Wife has continued to wear Her wedding ring and, much of the time, also Her engagement ring.

A little over a month ago, as our relationship started to look as though it really was on its last legs, I noticed She was no longer wearing either.

In the last few weeks, within and outwith counselling, there has perhaps seemed to be potential for progress. Possibly even reconciliation.
Until, at our last counselling session, when there was mention of Sex
And my Wife said that, until everything else is fixed, She doesn’t care about sex.

In the 48hrs that followed this incendiary assertion, it is difficult to imagine She could have failed to appreciate how Damoclesian this feels for me. Though I don’t imagine for a second She has considered in quite such the binary sense it is for Me – if there’s no hope of sex, which is down to Her, this family will be irrevocably bisected.

And yet, this morning I noticed my Wife was wearing Her wedding ring.

5 Responses to “Barometric”

  1. I’m trying to think of something wise to tell you. Take care AM.

  2. Moving forward, no matter the destination, is doing the right thing. Hang in there my friend. Better days are coming.💋

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