Random thoughts #1 – Better out than in

Maybe as much as 3yrs ago, I honestly can’t remember, I registered an account on OKCupid as a feasibility study. If We were to get divorced … if I were to get divorced … would I still be date-able? What does dating look like these days? Especially middle-aged dating. The world in which I last dated (off line) still subsited on the squeaks and crackles of 56K modems, so what are the mechanisms of internet dating?

Ever since I first filled in the endless scroll of compatibility quiz questions on OKC, I have been mildly irked by What is the most private thing you’re prepared to share here? It’s a ridiculous question. If it was Private, you wouldn’t be sharing it. And anyway, what is it trying to solicit? Your financial status? Medical history? Criminal past? Or, as I suspect many of us assume, something sexual?

I’ve devoted far too many minutes trying to answer this question as I waited for the kettle to boil or brushing g my teeth. The best I could come up with to date has been an oblique reference to the fact that the colour of my socks usually matches my underwear. But without being off-puttingly obvious, that felt pretty lame.

And then, today, as the rain poured down, I thought of something else. An odd epiphany.

I enjoy sitting outdoors naked but not so much indoors.

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