Random thoughts #3 – Just good friends

Picture a friend, Dear Reader. A good friend. Maybe your best friend. See their face in your mind. Hear their voice.

Now hold that thought.

You want the best for your friend, don’t you Dear Reader. You want them to be happy and healthy. Safe and comfortable. To be satisfied with what they have and achieve what they desire. To have love and be loved. It’s easy to picture these things. Right?

So why is it so odd, so disconcerting, so weird, to think of that friend – a good friend, a platonic friend – as being sexually aroused, fucking for all they’re worth, constrained in vac-bed, sporting a strap-on, tangled in the limbs of an orgy, or staring in their own porn movies? Why not think about your friend being lascivious or kinky? You enjoy masturbating with sex toys and watching porn, so why shouldn’t they? If that’s what they want. What’s wrong with imagining your BFF enjoying an ear splitting, mind melting, bed breaking, crotch bruising, sheet soaking orgasm? I mean … that’s what you want for them … right?

8 Responses to “Random thoughts #3 – Just good friends”


  2. It depends on the friend. Some friends, it is difficult imagine them enjoying themselves in this way. Other friends, it is very, very easy to imagine this.

    • Are you comfortable imaging your sexy friends fucking? I think the only way I would be is if I was imagining them fucking me.

    • I am and I don’t need to imagine myself being part of the act. Not to say that never happens (I consider myself straight, but have recently had some lesbian sex dreams about female friends and myself) but I also don’t really need it to.

      The question you didn’t ask is whether I can be comfortable imagining that same wild, active, satisfying, and graphic sex life for my family members. In theory, I want them to happy. But I do not feel comfortable imagining this for them!

    • Ha ha. Yeah,I hadn’t thought that far through it. I can’t imagine some of my family having sex (or 8n some cases, ever having had sex … ever!) though when I once came close to interuping my septogenarian parents (maybe???) having sex, I was really happy for them. As y likely as it currently is, if I’m getting laid at that age, I’ll be very happy indeed.
      I’ve dreamt about sucking off a male colleague. He’s a lovely guy, but I’m not remotely sexually attracted to him, so it’s interesting how thoughts twist themselves into dreams. Would you consider acting on yours?

    • Probably not, in this instance. I’m content to these thoughts in the fantasy realm. It did make for an extremely pleasant dream though

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