Random thoughts #4 – ugly

Thumb your way through any porn mag. Scroll down any porn website. Read any erotic novel. Browse the marketing images in any sex store. Drool over the models used by any underwear brand – male or female.

There’s one common subset. Irrespective of gender …

Sex is young, slim and beautiful.

Young is not old.
Slim is not fat.
Beautiful is not ugly.

Young, slim and beautiful is great. If that’s you – fabulous – enjoy it. Enjoy your young, slim, beautiful sex

Just never forget …
Old, fat and ugly people like sex too.

17 Responses to “Random thoughts #4 – ugly”

  1. I want to say something about this post but I don’t want to sound bitter. Or old, fat, and ugly.
    Bisous AM!

  2. Absofuckinglutely!! I’ve been younger, slimmer and had fewer scars and wrinkles, but I’m currently in a place where I’m appreciating and enjoying sex more than ever before! Old, fat and ugly for Me!

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