Random thoughts #5 – Forgotten

As I was wanking over porn this morning, I came across this image (not literally … that was a few minutes later) …

… and it made me realise that I’ve forgotten what pussy is like.

I remember that I like pussy. Hell, I remember that I love pussy. Or perhaps I should say I used to love pussy. I loved the feel of my cock in a pussy. I loved the clench of a pussy around my fingers. I loved stroking and playing with a pussy. I loved the taste of pussy, and inhaling the scent of it. I loved the privilege of being granted access to a pussy. And I loved to give pleasure to pussies. I honestly can’t remember anything about pussies that I didn’t like. [Ed: Getting a stray pubic hair caught in AM’s throat is less about pussy than about pubes, so that presumably doesn’t count.]

I know I still like to see pussies. The pussy pictured above certainly confirms that I do indeed still like to see a pussy. And I still like imagining fucking, fingering and feasting on pussy. [Ed: Although AM likes to imagine fucking, fingering and feasting on pussy, that sometimes errs towards self torture, as the lamentable dearth of pussy in His world regularly leads to unhappiness.]

I assume pussy … real pussy … it’s not entirely dissimilar to the lifeless silicone of my Fleshlight. Presumably it’s not the same, as I remember real pussy as far superior. The Fleshlight certainly performs the required function [Ed: More often in recent months than ever before] and as far as I remember I’m just as likely to cum in it as I ever was in a pussy. But nearly 3½ yrs after I was last allowed anywhere near a real pussy, I do have to wonder.

Do I like pussy? I really can’t remember.

5 Responses to “Random thoughts #5 – Forgotten”

  1. First, DAMN that gif is HOT!! 🔥🔥🔥
    Secondly, you don’t like pussy, you LOVE it!!
    Finally, my heart aches for you. You are an amazing man to have put aside such a primal need to stay with your family. I can’t even begin to understand the dynamic you are living, but I respect the hell out of your efforts. Afraid I would have moved on long ago.

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