Positive marketing

Airbrushing the pimples, blemishes and wrinkles from advertising campaigns has been with us for a very long time. Whether its beauty products, household detergents, family hatchbacks, or political campaigns, little escapes the touch-up artist. And it’s not just the pictures – you’re no more likely to read an ad banner proclaiming this exfoliating cream causes skin irritation for 3% of users than you are a manifesto that’s honest enough to say your tax will go down, but so will your income. It’s what we’ve come to expect. [Ed: In the name of disclosure, AM Publishing make no claims that images of AM and details in his blog have not been touched up. And nor has he for quite some years.]

Of course, nowhere has this been more conspicuous that the world of lingerie. We all know sex sells, and culturally we have come to accept (or get angry) that young, thin and beautiful sells more than old, fat and ugly. Or that has been the reality for a long time. However, the times they are a-changin’.

For many years I’ve been on the Agent Provocateur e-mailing list. (You can join yourself at the bottom of their home page.*) After my Wife rejected some sexy-not-sluty underwear I bought Her some years ago, I lost hope that I’d be buying any of their sheer skimpyness for anyone any time soon, so I guess not unsubscribing must have been down to either masochistic nostalgia, or I never grew out of jerking off over the lingerie pages of the Littlewoods catalogue. [ED: For those who didn’t grow up in the UK in the 70s and 80s, you may find it helpful to substitute “Sears” for “Littlewoods”.]

As you would expect from a high end lingerie brand like Agent Provocateur, their apparel, as little of it as there frequently is [Ed: … or perhaps precisely because there is so little of it …] is sexy enough to get a teenage Littlewoods catalogue fan through an entire box of mansize** tissues in less than an hour. More significantly, the models have long fallen into the category of young, thin and beautiful. But I’m a middle aged man, and gawping at younger women is justifiably frowned upon, so even as a dirty-old-man, it’s genuinely pleasing to see brands like Agent Provocateur moving away from stereotypes.

Now the woman pictured is certainly young and beautiful, but it is fantastic to see someone modelling lingerie that does not conform to the the traditional body form. She has real hips and real thighs … like real women. And she’s really sexy for it!

More significant, her crinkles (like those that everyone has – female or male, old or young, ugly or beautiful) have been left un-air-brushed. Well done, Agent Provocateur.

Aside form the political issues (with which I agree), I see this as pragmatic marketing.
With the best will in the world, where AP’s undies may be small, their prices most definitely are not. When a bra can cost up to £525 and a pair of matching nickers £360, with all due respect to the economic capacity of millennials, I doubt there are many women the age of most lingerie models that will own many such items. Super models and mistresses of sugar-daddies notwithstanding, the luxury end of the market is surely more likely to be worn by women in their 30s or 40s? I have often found myself thinking that, should I ever buy lingerie for a partner again, she is unlikely to have the silhouette of a lingerie model. Which is absolutely fine, but how would I know what she’d look like wearing it? Air-brushing twenty-somethings makes no sense in this market!

Now as positive as the change in body-form is, I do feel obliged to observe that Agent Provocateur should not be let off completely. Because scroll back up again and you will notice that, despite her lovely curves, the model has indeed been air-brushed. Because she has no nipples, navel, pussy or pubes. So I’ve put them back in. Just so we can see what the lingerie will actually look like.

* I have no connections with Agent Provocateur and receive nothing from linking to or recommending their website.
**Mansize tissues may no longer be available in your area for political reasons. If you require masturbatory wipes, please use the most appropriate size available. Note: The quantity of your jizz can go up as well as down. Always read the model’s name before ejaculating over her pictures. By continuing to jerk off, you accept full responsibility for your eyesight.

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  1. LOVE your altered photo!! Real is Reality!!

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