Mathematical inequalities

Most men, even adequately endowed men, like the idea of having a bigger cock, and … well … let’s be honest, whilst many women might not be enthusiastic about a genuinely monster member, nobody wants a small cock. Right? Right! But unless you’ve equipped with your own pussy, I’ll wager you’ve not thought much beyond the locker-room status of being hung like a horse.

I certainly hadn’t appreciated one aspect of being well hug until I saw this …

Whilst relatively speaking, this is a very healthy looking portion of manhood, it’s not exactly gargantuan. And yet it reaches almost to his partner’s navel.
Now imagine it was a nice round 12″ … Just think about it fellas. If you’re going to stick 30cm of dick into someone, it’s going to go 30cm into them … and that’s quite a long way! Imagining a foot long butt plug shoved up your arse brings an entirely new perspective to the fantasy.

Equally, if deep throating isn’t an impressive enough feet on it’s own, it’s even more impressive if the cock getting swallowed is considerably more than six inches.

This all got me thinking about size.

What percentage of body mass, I wondered, is made up by a cock and balls. Indeed, for many years I have wondered how much a pair of tits actually weighs, not least for someone like Dolly Parton or Bianca Beauchamp?

Well I set about some calculations …

[Ed: Yes, Dear Reader, there truly can be no more conclusive evidence that AM does have too much time on his hands. Surely that time would have been more productively spent masturbating than with these ridiculous task?!]

The human body has roughly the same density as water. I weigh about 80kg, so a volume of approximately 80 litres.
(That’s about 4880 cu in for those still working in imperial.)
I was part way through estimating the volume of my dick when, just like Archimedes, I had a eureka moment and reached for a pint glass …

And the results are in:
Flaccid, my cock represents a paltry 57cc. But as I’ve always been fiercely proud to be a grower-not-a-shower, that figure inflates to 218cc. when my cock does (I know, Dear Reader, doesn’t it just sound like an absolute eye-watering monster when you tall about it cc. So much more manly than 5 1/2″!) And my balls come in at 92cc.

That’s an engorged total of 367cc, just over ¾lbs … or less than 0.5% of my body. A delusion shatteringly small proportion, yet it’s impossible to quantify how much of my personality is influence by such a trifle.

On the upside, if one of you Lovely Female Readers would volunteer to join my little research project, I believe an answer can now be had to the how-much-does-a-pair-of-tits-weigh question. Better still, having data on a selection of breast cup sizes would be fascinating. I suggest a bucket or warm water might come in handy.

5 Responses to “Mathematical inequalities”

  1. Ok, this is AWESOME!!! I was recently researching testicle size compared to body size. The Bush cricket holds that honor at 10.6% of total body weight!😳
    Of course, a man of substantial size is lovely but I’d Much rather have a man with Super Skills! 😈

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