Wot no meat?

`For the first time in an age and a half, I dug out my see-through Manstore briefs from the back of the underwear drawer and smiled as I looked at myself in the mirror. They are ridiculous, but they make me smile, and more importantly, they make me feel sexy. To quote Sheldon Cooper, “they’re underwear that’s fun to wear.” See …

I don’t have enough mesh underwear. (a black fishnet thong and a pair of purple boxers in a similar style to those above, but the fabric just didn’t last) so grinning like a Cheshire Pussy, I headed for the internet in search of potential gratuitous see through purchases.

And to my horror, I found this …

Now I realise that by being a devout omnivore (yes, Dear Reader, I like to eat vegetables as well as meat) I’m failing to buy into the proselytising zeitgeist, but surely a man’s underwear should be anything but meat free?

6 Responses to “Wot no meat?”

  1. Lol! I get that the vegans want sexy underwear too, but may be worth tweaking the marketing copy!

  2. NO Part of that Delicious picture is Meat Free!! πŸ”₯😈πŸ”₯

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