Fragility and purpose

[Ed: This really happened this evening.]

The queue was only short. An elderly man and a woman in her mid 20s took the first two places and I brought up the rear. Other than that there was only one person.

He was probably a little younger then me. Muscular, well tanned, short cropped hair, and had his shorts been spattered in paint, he could easily have passed as a builder.
A manly man. Conspicuously so. He looked somewhat out of place.
He also had a swagger about his stance. And as he stepped forward, his shoulders rolled, emphasising his broad frame.

The stereotype would suggest that a such a man, so evidently in his prime, would have no need to visit a pharmacist. Such a pristine example of healthy masculinity.

Unless …
Surely it wasn’t a facade?
Perish the thought that such a stallion would be here for … y’know, Dear Reader … assistance … with his … performance?

I dismissed the thought. It was quite ridiculous. If anyone could lift more with his erection than his considerable biceps, this was surely he.

Reaching the front of the queue, he turned to face the counter, his feet planted firmly at least shoulder width apart, hands deep in his pockets, chest thrust further forward than any cockerel.

When the pharmacist returned to server, the customer said something. I couldn’t quite hear what.
There was a momentary pause. A fraction of a second. Barely noticeable. But for anyone actually observing the scene, long enough to be conspicuous.
Pharmacist: Are you on any other medication?
Customer: No.
A sightly longer pause.
Pharmacist: The same size packet as … last time?
Customer: Yes.
A final pause as the pharmacist obviously processed the information, before turning to face the shelves behind him. He reached for a dark blue box, and wrapped his hand conspiratorial around it, punched the code into the cash register, took payment, and folding the till receipt around the medication, handed it over.

The customer took the box, turned, and walked off with the sense of purpose rarely seen in those who aren’t going to get laid tonight.

One Response to “Fragility and purpose”

  1. Erectile Disfunction can happen to anyone at any age. For some it’s a regular challenge and others it can randomly strike without warning. There are SO MANY ways to work around it!😈

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