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July 27, 2019

Having a hug with my Wife was odd. Initiating a kiss as She left for work was odd. Putting my wedding ring on for the first time in the best part of a decade was … yes, you guessed it, Dear Reader … odd. But these things paled into insignificance. Waking up horny wasn’t odd […]

There’s a new kid in school

October 25, 2018

Standing at the dais, the deputy headmaster looked just a little more pissed off than usual. “It seems we have a new boy in school,” he said in a disapproving tone. “By the name of Melvin.” The entire school knew exactly what he was talking about, Many found it hard not to snigger, whilst others […]


October 24, 2018

A year or two back, the Danish word hygge, was all over the media and we were all informed we should have more of it in our lives. Whilst as a discrete concept it doesn’t have a synonym in English, it is defined as a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling […]

Of temptation and indescretion

October 10, 2018

Business used to take my Wife away from home on a relatively regular basis. Perhaps every couple of months. These were times when I would indulge my kinks. I could wear latex with impunity, fuck my Flashlight whilst watching porn in bed at night, enjoy a full day with my butt plugged, or spend 36hrs […]

DLS 19: Defiance

February 22, 2018

There are some things I do, if not entirely, at least partially out of defiance. Fuck the world!!! This is not indicative of maturity, I know, but as a man I’m only expected to have the maturity of a 14yr old … at best. When I reach for the gin and top up my glass […]

Time for a clear out

February 20, 2018

It’s time for a clear out. Between the masturbators, anal toys, adult VHS and DVDs, ball stretchers, handcuffs, porn mags, chastity cage, ruberwear, books of vintage porn, pervy ornaments and the now packed-away thong collection … amongst other things … I felt it was time for a clear out. Partly because

Did you pack it yourself, sir?

November 13, 2015

Risk, in sex. Some like it, some don’t. For some it may mean diving behind a hedge on the way home from the pub for a quick alfresco fuck. For others it might mean breath play. And some get a thrill from rubbing one out somewhere where their gorgeous neighbour might see them. Me? I […]

DLS 16a : Older but wiser

May 19, 2015

Having shunned porn in favour of food yesterday, I had another long drive home today. Several hours. In these days of nouveau prudishness, British motorway service areas are one of the most reliable places to source soft porn mags. I don’t know why: maybe there’s an inescapably lucrative market that comes with the anonymity of […]

DLS 16 : Maybe I’m getting old. 

May 18, 2015

Unusually I was away from home sans wife and offspring last night. Family business took me several hundred miles away from home overnight. I was staying with relatives but also taking the opportunity to visit an old school friend. Which presented another opportunity: the other day I spent an hour or so perusing locally available […]

Cruel intentons

February 3, 2015

It’s been a long week. A long three weeks actually. Working for up to 15hrs a day, an hour away from home. There has been no time for wanking. My balls are heavy, and every day for the last week at least I’ve woken with the hardest of erections. I’ve not cum for ages. This […]