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Three days.
Three fights.
It’s hard to say which was the worst.
In the middle of the last, We sat down to talk.

For the most part, what She felt She got from Continue reading

Oh well

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We sit down as a family to redesign the garden. [Ed: Probably the most middle class, middle aged thing you will read this decade!] Each time I make a suggestion it feels like it is being over-ruled, especially by my Wife. I give up and whatever else anyone else wants, especially my Wife, that’s what is agreed.

I go to sort lunch. The same (leftover turkey) choice for everyone, except my Wife. (A mild PITA, but neither surprising nor problematic.)
Me: Are you ok for me to sort yours?
Her: Yes. If you’re happy to.
The whole family stays in the living room playing card games.
I start to cook. I’m ok with that.
Everything is on track. And with barely a word, She walks into the kitchen and Continue reading

Thanks … but no thanks.

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We resolved to try make-up sex a few years ago. It didn’t work. I think we fucked once and then retreated to opposite sides of the bed for weeks or months. I suspect that neither of Us is good enough at letting go of an argument and the hurt that goes with it, and there will always be some remaining bitterness that will stand in the way of remedial coitus.

However, what does nudge Us slightly together is a Continue reading

2557 days later

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Logging into my WP dashboard the other day, it was pointed out to me that I have been writing this blog for 7 years, and have published over 800 posts. It largely started as a way of documenting how I was trying to revitalise Our marriage, and more importantly Our sex life.

7 years ago, on Xmas morning, I presented my Wife with a

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… said the pot to the kettle

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It started with what I thought was an innocuous suggestion that I would continue the search for a particular Xmas present my Wife had been looking for, while She did the parenting shift. It seemed a logical distribution if labour to me.
Apparently I was trying to snatch the task away from Her. Her tone of voice was abrasive and irritable.

It descended into a fight.
And I descended into a bottle of whisky.

This is not a productive way to deal with situations, arguments, because my judgement and particularly memory fail as much as my voice is liberated.

I threw some more home truths at Her (or at least what I see as home truths) including that I thought She should
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That’s what coffee smells like

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She got home from work. With the early evening necessaries out of the way, and the room to ourselves …
[NB This is somewhat paraphrased, and the sequence is blurred but as accurate as possible.]

Her: I can’t stop asking if you’re ok.
Me: Nothing has changed.
Her: Since when.
Me: Since this morning.
Her: I’m not trying to say Continue reading

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