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Dr Ruth asks …

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In just a few weeks time, my Wife and I will be sitting down for several days with Dr Ruth. [Ed. She’s not the real Dr Ruth*, but she seems to have a similar air about her. Or maybe that’s just AM’s hope.] There was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing as dates were sorted out, but it’s in the diary now and the deposit is paid.

We even have a Continue reading

(Sex) positive action

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Searching for the right counsellor is a thankless task. There’s no shortage of people who claim to be able to sort out every manner of problem, and no shortage of online profiles to read where you just have to swipe left.

But it’s a task I’ve made a point of embracing over the last few days.
And it has felt a surprisingly positive step. Perhaps most because it was something my Wife and I agreed on, but more significantly because there was no friction over Me taking the lead on finding a counsellor.

Loosely speaking, my Wife’s criteria hinged on Continue reading


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Unusually, the next morning I joined Her at the breakfast table.
I had a request, or two … or suggestions. It turned into my thoughts on a way forward in general, though I made effort for it not to be just the spewing forth of my overnight rumination, and to make space for Her within the conversation.
My language, my turn of phrase, felt uncommonly cumbersome. Words I would usually use with precision felt like the wrong tools for the job.
As inarticulate as I felt, … Continue reading

I’m not sure that helped

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I’d spent 3 days away from home. Hiding. Licking my wounds. Being angry. Running through stuff in my head. Then running through it again. And again. And again. It wasn’t always the useful stuff my mind kept getting sucked back to. And I felt hurt. And sad. And lonely. And free. And lost. And wanting to be at home. But not wanting to go home.

I spent 3 days Continue reading

Gone and finished

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The half hour I spent talking with Sandra didn’t really fix anything, but was not entirely without merit. Amongst other things she asked Continue reading


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It started with just another one of those little situations where I felt I was being told I was wrong.
Thankfully I was on my way out for an evening’s sports training session. But it got under my skin. And it festered.
Our paths didn’t cross again that night.

When I woke up in the morning Continue reading

… because …

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Perhaps I should explain.

Yesterday saw my third face-to-face counselling session with Sandra.

There was discussion of whether Continue reading

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