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One step forward, two steps back.

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Relationship Counselling / Sex Therapy : Session #4.
It’s 3 weeks since our last session.
At Session #3, The Big Bad had been mentioned as a subject for future discussion.
Obviously by The Big Bad, I mean SEX.

We didn’t start talking about sex.

How were we doing?
My Wife opined that Continue reading

DLS 19: Defiance

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There are some things I do, if not entirely, at least partially out of defiance. Fuck the world!!! This is not indicative of maturity, I know, but as a man I’m only expected to have the maturity of a 14yr old … at best.

When I reach for the gin and top up my glass for the third time in an evening, whilst I genuinely like the taste and am far from averse to intoxication, as my Wife does not consume much alcohol, there is a touch of defiance in my imbibing.

When I wank, although I Continue reading

Time for a clear out

Posted in Fetishwear, Porn, Sex therapy, Sex toys, Underwear with tags on February 20, 2018 by Accidental Masturbator

It’s time for a clear out.

Between the masturbators, anal toys, adult VHS and DVDs, ball stretchers, handcuffs, porn mags, chastity cage, ruberwear, books of vintage porn, pervy ornaments and the now packed-away thong collection … amongst other things … I felt it was time for a clear out.

Partly because Continue reading

Not Her

Posted in Dreaming of sex, Fixing a broken marriage, Sex therapy with tags , on February 12, 2018 by Accidental Masturbator

Long blond hair cascaded over her shoulders like an advert for conditioner.
A touch of mascara and subtle shade of lipstick highlighted a smile that sang of a genuine love of life.
The scalloped hem of her orange floral blouse wafted, butterfly like, milimeters below her tits (which were Continue reading

My what?!

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I’m fucking angry.
And I fucking hurt.
It’s less than an hour since we walked out of our third therapy session. And I’m fucking angry. And hurt. And frustrated.

Going into the safe space of the counselling room, after the previous few days, I felt no inclination to contribute. Fuck it. Let someone else do the work for a change.

Sue (our therapist) seemed stuck. She looked to me to start. I wasn’t starting.
My Wife looked to me. I still wasn’t starting.
Fuck. Apparently no-one else could start.
Sue was being paid to run the room. Let her fucking hold the conch.

I can’t remember where the conversation finally started.
I can’t remember much about the arc of the narrative.
In response to something that was said, Sue steered us back to Continue reading

I wish we hadn’t talked

Posted in Fixing a broken marriage, Sex therapy with tags , , , on February 2, 2018 by Accidental Masturbator

Three nights ago we had what started out as a civil conversation. A grown up conversation.

She said something about being a bit clumsy. I queried whether (in the context of what I had learned recently from listening to some of the BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Menopause Week about menopausal women sometimes having issues with clumsiness) this was possibly related to Her menopause. It was not a symptom She was aware of, but She’d bear it in mind.

She didn’t think She was having any others, either. Specifically not mood swings, but Continue reading

Nothing to do with my childhood

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At some point during our first therapy session, when referring to one of my own less than perfect character traits, I’d laughed and made a joke by saying Tell me about your childhood. Sue, the therapist, made a note and gently cooed We can do that if you want? [Cue exasperated sigh.]

A couple of weeks (and Xmas) necessarily passed.

Early into our second session, my Wife mentioned something about Us having come from similar backgrounds. Instantly Sue latched onto this and refered back to my comment from the previous week. I pointed out I had been joking and that, even though my parents had died when I was young, I’d had to live in a cupboard under the stairs and had been shipped off to boarding school, I had Continue reading

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