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Sinful Sunday 361 : Overstating

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It wasn’t my intention to overstate my strength of feeling. Hell! I’m not even sure I actually did. The post title came first and I really didn’t give it that much thought. Do I really loathe my own body hair? I guess that depends on how you interpret the word loathe. Just as art lovers may see something in Continue reading

Provocative or provoke? (Poll)

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Two words. One adjective. One verb.

Provocative: /prəˈvɒkətɪv/ (adj) – intended or intending to arouse sexual desire or interest
Provoke: /ˌprɒvəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/ (vb) – stimulate or give rise to (a reaction or emotion, typically a strong or unwelcome one) in someone.

Ok. I’m cherry picking definitions here, but they are the definitions that concur with my perception of the words typical meaning. A provocative smile says come to bed. To provoke someone is to willfully attempt to illicit a response from them. Surely?

In a few weeks time my Wife and I have Continue reading

Sinful Sunday 359 – Slough

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slough : /slʌf/ verb
(gerund or present participle: sloughing)
shed or remove (a layer of dead skin)

A few weeks ago I was hit by a Continue reading

Sinful Sunday 358 – Self loathing

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Self loathing takes many forms. For some it manifests as a dislike for their body, whilst others dislike their personality. I suspect I am not unlike most people, especially the noble band of sexual misfits that regularly submit exhibitionist images for Sinful Sunday: there are some aspects of my personality which I like, and some I would willingly change if I could figure out how; similarly there are parts of my body I like, and others that do not take a form that pleases me to look at.

Mostly I’m OK with my body – I’d be happy to Continue reading


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Caroline: Have you pinched yourself?
She took hold of my cock and moved it out of the way.
Me: Err …?
Leaning in a little, she stared intently at my balls.
Caroline: It looks like you’ve

Continue reading

Well, that could have been awkward

Posted in Male pubic waxing with tags , , on April 26, 2017 by Accidental Masturbator

I’d sent his wife a text and arranged to meet her at their house. A time was set.
Two days later I drove to the small housing estate where she works from a spare room.
On arrival, looking at unfamiliar signs, I park the car, wary of any restrictions that might result in me getting a fine. The car is registered in my Wife’s name, so any parking penalty notice would be addressed to Her and She would inevitably ask where I had been.
As I walk towards his house, he unexpectedly appears at the front door.
He sees me.
For a moment we Continue reading

All or nothing

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… and speaking of getting a Brazilian

I’m a big big music fan and my favorite radio station is BBC 6 Music. One of their stalwart DJs is Steve Lamacq. This in itself is of little consequence. However, yesterday morning the breakfast DJ made a quip about back, crack and Lamacq. Oh how I laughed. The irony was I was just a few minutes away from my appointment to get my crack and sack waxed.

For some weeks I have been considering Continue reading

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