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At our last therapy session my Wife mentioned how Her sexual needs are very limited, and whilst I’d like sex once or twice a day, She only needs it once a week, or less. She’s probably right about me, but I was astounded to hear She’d want sex even remotely as often. Obviously Our disparity badly needs addressing, and exploring what strikes me as gross exaggeration would be fascinating.

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I have to hand it to Her

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A couple of weeks ago, my WP Reader has been conspicuously awash with posts about handjobs. It was only when I got to the end of the fourth (with a visceral yearning to get tossed off) that I noticed that handjobs have been Kink Of The Week. I’m not sure I get how jerking your partner off qualifies as a kink – Wikepedia describes kinkiness as …

… any unconventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies. The term derives from the idea of a “bend” (cf. a “kink”) in one’s sexual behaviour, to contrast such behaviour with “straight” or “vanilla” sexual mores and proclivities.

… whilst to me, masturbating your partner is a perfectly normal, entry level sexual activity. Unless you’re doing it in public, or when restrained, or whilst getting urinated on, or whilst dressed in rubber, it’s not kinky, and even then the kink is the risk of getting caught, or the bondage, or pissing, or rubber, and not the handjob. But one person’s vanilla is the next person’s perversion, so who is to say what’s kinky and what isn’t?

Strangely, although I can

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Uninvited, unfair and unwanted.

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She got out of bed and went to the bathroom. It was still pitch black beyond the bedroom curtains and I was as awake as my cock.
When She returned to bed, almost instantly She put Her hand on my chest. My cock twitched, tugging at the bed sheets, but I was still.
Her hand moved. South. Still I didn’t move, unlike my enthusiastic member. I was curious to see Her next move.
Again Her hand moved, this time to my hip. I still hadn’t moved.
Nor had I by the time Her

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… and … analysis

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Y’know those posts for which you struggle to come up with a title?
Considering this was expected to be an analysis of various points in my last post  this started out titled as just Analysis. But that briefly turned into Analysis Mr Spock? … and then Analysis Mr Spunk? … and when I found the following  picture, it so nearly turned into Anal sex, Mr Spock? But that was starting to get away from the point. A whole galaxy away! So before I disapear up my own wormhole, back to yesterday …

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… and finishing and …

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… and unusually we went to bed at roughly the same time – my Wife just a couple of minutes before me. I already had a semi before I went into the bathroom, and as I brushed my teeth I encouraged it with my free hand. I wanted to fuck, and it might as well be obvious.
As I walked into the bedroom and undressed, my cock raised its salute.
I got into bed and Continue reading

Prediction and expectation

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Life’s predictable.

Being awake way too early with a twitching erection was entirely predictable.

When She got out of bed and went to the bathroom an hour before She needed to get up for work, it wasn’t hard to predict She intended to have sex.

Admittedly the careless way She fell back into bed wasn’t quite what I expected, not the way

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The answer is …

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Granted I’d dropped a flirtatious line earlier.
Unusually She’d made a comment on social media about something I’d posted that could easily have been viewed as laden with innuendo.
And I confess I did absolutely nothing hasty to conceal the twitching bulge in my jeans from Her when we’d sat next to each other later.
But after supper we’d sat on separate sofas all evening – me repairing a pair of shorts, Her searching for hotels on Her tablet.
We watched stand-up comedy show where a female comic was relating how sex she wanted more than her boyfriend, how she therofore put her boyfriend in an unwinnable position, and how she wasn’t very good at sex.

Come bed time, I still wasn’t finished sewing when She commented on the hour. I said I’d be up soon.

I heard Her busying Herself upstairs. Unusually so. It was like She was delaying something.

I finished sewing, and went upstairs.
Of course I wanted sex, but there is still something visceral that means

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