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It’s a thin line between dancing and fucking

Posted in Sex with other people with tags , , on July 11, 2019 by Accidental Masturbator

Remember those days …
OK. You’re probably younger than me, Dear Reader, and you don’t have to dig too far into your memory to recall the days when, your gorgeous, sweaty body was writhing to emphatic beats into the small hours of the morning, and then, having seduced an equally lithe body in the dimmest of UV and glitter balls, you stumbled off to a random bed and fucked into the raw light of the next day.

An mailing list to which I subscribed reminded me of such occasions today.

XConfessions Dance & Music Compilation Dirty Dancing has hit the shelves!

Erika Lust proves that how someone dances can be a valuable indicator for how they might be in bed! It’s a cliche because it’s true and we are proving it in seven beautiful dance & music themed xconfessions shorts. It doesn’t matter if you’re off the beat. It doesn’t matter if you’re snapping to the rhythm, this compilation will foster feelings of lust, sex and love and is sure to spice up your sexual rhythm and groove.

Perhaps, like me, you are not so young and those days are but a distant and fond memory.
A fond memory like when Sarah … well … here’s a couple of excerpts from Women I’ve slept with – Pt 10 – Ep2 : Boyfriend?

I had to keep her climaxing for several minutes so I could shoot my load in her whilst she was still cumming, before we both collapsed breathless and high as kites. As we did, Sarah casually said “I knew you’d be good in bed – you’re a good dancer and a good kisser.” Never having been particularly comfortable with compliments, I had no reposte, but my ego swelled.

A few weeks before Sarah and Harvey finally packed their bags, she and I were sat in the park, and she told me how she had told her best friend (also in the country she was moving to) all about me.

Her : I told Kerry about you.
Me : What did you tell her?
Her : I told her you were a good kisser.
And then she giggled and pecked me on the cheek. Considering her earlier comment about kissing, dancing, and fucking, it was obvious what she’d actually told Kerry. And again my ego felt suitably massaged.

Ah, happy days.
I do occasionally think of Sarah, and both the dancing and the fucking. There is brief, if auspicious mention of her professional activities to be found online, and as such, I suspect it might be possible to re-connect with her. But maybe when the DJ has played the last slow dance, the house lights have seared into us, and we have stumbled out into the rain soaked Amnesia Lane, sometimes it’s better just to go your own way and sleep alone, save for the company of memories.


Posted in Porn, Sex on my own, Sex with other people on May 6, 2018 by Accidental Masturbator

For no good reason, I’m back browsing OKC. It’s not serious – I’m not actively looking for someone to date … or fuck … it’s just window shopping. And spending an hour or two reading through people’s sexual preferences at 5am on a Sunday morning is an interesting alternative to looking at porn when I’m having a wank. (Ok. I admit it. As I get close to Continue reading

We talked about sex

Posted in Fixing a broken marriage, Sex with other people with tags , , , , , , on May 4, 2018 by Accidental Masturbator

We talked about sex.
And desire.
And imbalance.
And the natural evolution of marriage.
It seems we may not be quite so alone in our troubles.

Of course I don’t mean Continue reading

Porn therapy : part 2

Posted in Porn, Random stuff about sex, Sex with other people with tags , , , , , , on November 27, 2017 by Accidental Masturbator

Despite how fashionable it has become, I’ve not been tempted to start colouring in. [Ed: Whilst he may not have been tempted to start colouring in, AM has certainly been tempted by books like those of Magnus Frederiksen.] Instead I have recently found myself returning to paper and pencil.

I drew my first

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I have to hand it to Her

Posted in Sex on my own, Sex with my wife, Sex with other people with tags on October 23, 2017 by Accidental Masturbator

A couple of weeks ago, my WP Reader has been conspicuously awash with posts about handjobs. It was only when I got to the end of the fourth (with a visceral yearning to get tossed off) that I noticed that handjobs have been Kink Of The Week. I’m not sure I get how jerking your partner off qualifies as a kink – Wikepedia describes kinkiness as …

… any unconventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies. The term derives from the idea of a “bend” (cf. a “kink”) in one’s sexual behaviour, to contrast such behaviour with “straight” or “vanilla” sexual mores and proclivities.

… whilst to me, masturbating your partner is a perfectly normal, entry level sexual activity. Unless you’re doing it in public, or when restrained, or whilst getting urinated on, or whilst dressed in rubber, it’s not kinky, and even then the kink is the risk of getting caught, or the bondage, or pissing, or rubber, and not the handjob. But one person’s vanilla is the next person’s perversion, so who is to say what’s kinky and what isn’t?

Strangely, although I can

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Fucket list – PS

Posted in Sex with other people with tags , , , , on August 9, 2015 by Accidental Masturbator

Many of your number, Dear Reader, will be familiar with High Fidelity, the film starring Jon Cusack. Hopefully more of you will have read the book on which it’s based, by Nick Hornby. For those who are not, Rob, the main character makes lists: not in an OCD way, but rather centred around Top 5s: Top 5 Side 1, Track 1; Top 5 Angry Songs About Women, Top 5 Dream Jobs …

The first list we are introduced to in the book is Top 5 Most Memorable Break Ups – a list of his exes who’s departures have left the greatest mark on him. Through the book, amongst other things, we follow Rob as he attempts to make contact with the women on this list. Not particularly with the expectation of rekindling old flames but rather, since he had just been dumped, out of some need for closure, at least on past relationships. (If you’ve not read the book and this puts you off, be assured this is only a sub plot.)

I’d like to do something similar.
I’d like to Continue reading


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As you might well expect, Loyal Reader, knowing how juxtaposed my sexual past and present are, there are many things that I miss. That’s not to say my past merits bragging; more that I just miss the playfulness I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy in times gone by.

For no good reason, today, the thing I found myself missing was Continue reading

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