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Women I’ve slept with – Pt 11 – Ep 2 : Play things

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When I ran out of Tania’s flat at the end of A night on the sofa, my fingers still bearing the lingering perfume of Tania’s pussy, I was late for a flight to Amsterdam, the European destination of choice for libertarians with a taste for coffee houses and brothels. Fortunately I had dived into a taxi who’s driver was sympathetic towards my plight and he was good for his word and he got me, and my passport, to the airport in time. I met up with the boys and we embarked on exactly the sort of weekend you’d expect for a bunch of guys in their early 30s in Amsterdam: we chilled in the cafés, browsed the sex shops and porno cinemas of red light district, two of the lads paid for a little company (though they were both quite disappointed by the value for money) and a couple of us even Continue reading

Women I’ve slept with – Pt 11 – Ep 1: A night on the sofa

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Many of us have been unfaithful to our Significant Other at some point. Some of us have been part of open relationships. And I confess there were a few months when I was just a horny little fucker who’d stick my dick into any cunt available. Or to be precise, any three cunts. The one ounce of moral credibility I can regain is that despite never having met each other, they all knew I was fucking three women, none of them objected, and none of them had any moral high ground to occupy as, unlike their shared lothario, they were all in relationships at the same time.

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Visibly aroused

Posted in Porn, Sex with other people with tags , , , , , on August 16, 2014 by Accidental Masturbator

A couple of times I know I’ve mentioned my increasing enjoyment of animated porno gifs, and I keep cumming across such images that are worth sharing. Cumming is an entirely appropriate word today as, not only have I been enjoying draining balls with the help of e-rotica, that’s also what my online porno image search lead me to. Figurative and literally. Orgasms.

Not I Images of men ejaculating and women squirting, as you might imagine; they Continue reading

How many?

Posted in Porn, Sex with other people with tags , , , on July 7, 2014 by Accidental Masturbator

Obviously my diatribe against Google censoring porn from my web searches wasn’t what lead them to relent, but I’m so please they have. Admittedly, if you want to see pornographic pictures of, for example, face sitting, it’s better to include the word porn in the search term, but if you do, you can see as much delightful deviancy as you’d like.

So thank you Google, for giving me my porn back.

Having searched Google for face sitting porn it crossed my mind to leave some such smut visible on my laptop for my Wife to find. Continue reading

Paying for pleasure: Update

Posted in Sex with other people with tags , , , , , , on June 10, 2014 by Accidental Masturbator

You’ll have noticed that prostitution has been on my mind a lot recently, Dear Reader. I’ve mused on my own willingness to prostitute myself. Channel 4 broadcast the insightful 2 part documentary, Love For Sale. And as I’ve not had my cock wrapped in anything more animated than my fist this year, the chance to have a night away from home has provided the opportunity to have a damn good fuck for cash.

I’d spent a little time perusing those in the right geographical area offering their services (and their bodies) on Adult Work, and had found a couple of women who offered more than a little appeal.

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How could I?

Posted in Fixing a broken marriage, Sex with my wife, Sex with other people with tags , , , , , on June 3, 2014 by Accidental Masturbator

If I could easily make money from sex, I’m pretty damn sure I would. Setting aside the notorious health risks and the potential problems for privacy and stigma, yes, I’d happily be a porn star. Stunt cock would be pretty cool, though my ego would probably want to take a more staring role. I’d absolutely love to be a cock model for vibrators, though considering the decidedly average dimensions of my member, I think that isn’t a commercially viable prospect. But top of my list of ways I’d be happy to make money from sex is escorting. If I could get paid to fuck Continue reading


Posted in Random stuff about sex, Sex on my own, Sex with other people with tags , , on May 31, 2014 by Accidental Masturbator

It’s many years since I spent much time under canvass. I used to be a small time Munro Bagger (no you Imaginative Perverts, it’s not dirty!) and always liked to travel as light as possible: a bivvy bag would suit me nicely, or at least nothing more than a small two man tent, and even then, only if I was camping with company. And if the that company was my girlfriend, we’d occasionally pitch our tent half way up a mountain, well off the beaten track, get naked and fuck in the warm evening sun. Sex outdoors is great. Continue reading

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