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It may be arrogance, but I like to think that my blogging is not a purely selfish process. Sure, I get off on knowing that someone else is interested in what I say – that’s just the kind of normal egotism that we all have. And many of your comments suggest that on occasions I have the ability to turn some of you on, which messages my ego even more than I tend to massage my own cock. But I like to think that there’s something in it for you too, Dear Reader. So I’d like to give something back to my loyal readers.

When I reviewed both the Fleshlight and Monkey Spanker, there was a big part of me that wanted to actually show you my toys in action. But it was always my intention to use my blog to bare my sole, not my body. There are pictures of me naked elsewhere online, and I like the fact that, if your pulse has increased it is because of the images spawned in your own heads as a response to my words. That said, I have occasionally contemplated having a little corner my blog turned over to my inner exhibitionist.

It is entirely possible that I am wrong on this, but when I added an explicit picture in a particular blog entry, a picture of an almost completely displayed male crotch, a couple of the subsequent comments gave me the impression some of my readers assumed it was a photo of me. Irrespective of whether they were correct, the feedback was positive and so I believe there may be an apatite for a little more nudity.

As I do not want to take attention away from my words, and because not everyone wants to have pictures of a naked, middle aged man spread eagled over their computer screens (and lets face, beauty is in the eye of the beholder), there is a catch. I shall be posting some pictures of myself – they may well be sexually explicit, but I will also tell you something relating to the photos in the accompanying text – it will still be intended to stimulate your mind, as well as your loins. I shall also implement a loyalty scheme, whereby the pages and/or blog entries are password protected. And there are some membership rules for the AM Porn Club.

  1. The password will be issued entirely at my own discretion, and only upon request. If you don’t want to see it, I shall neither be waving my cock in your face, nor shall I put temptation in your way.
  2. The password will only be issued to those over the age where they are legally entitled to view sexual images. If I am in any doubt of someone’s age, their access to this material will be instantly withdrawn, in as much as I am able so to do.
  3. Because I want people to read my posts more than I want them to see me naked, the password will not be issued unless you are a regular commenter on my blog. (And I’m afraid a smiley face won’t be counted as a comment.)
  4. This is back datable, so if you’ve already commented, you have probably already earned your membership. Just send me an email straight away.
  5. Password requests must come to me here.
  6. The password will change periodically. This is not to stop people viewing the pictures, but just to make sure people are still reading. Skulking around in the bushes with a pair of binoculars is not friendly. Equally you may want to stop seeing them, so from time to time you will need to be proactive about keeping Pandora’s Box open.
  7. Requests for photo subjects are welcomed, and may be entertained, but there is no guarantee they will be met.
  8. It’s my blog and my photos, and I reserve the right to change any or all of the rules at any time.

Any questions are welcome in the form of comments, but membership requests must be as outlined above.

48 Responses to “Members only”

  1. I want to know the password! God! I feel SO left out in the cold.

  2. I have been following your blog for a few months and find it very erotically stimulating. I especially enjoy how you are handling having your wife renew her interest in making love with you again. I have been there without the same success. As for your protecting certain aspects of your blog by password, I understand that. I have been granted the password to the Obsidian Lens and enjoy that body of work immensely. I hope to enjoy your work also. Oldwyseguy

  3. deviantdiaries Says:

    I think the only way I see your email addy is if YOU post on my blog..that is when I see email addresses. I may have to dig around some more but I’m not WP wizardess yes….

  4. Probably, but I refer you to rules. Specifically #3 and #7.1. (I’m currently reviewing #4.)

  5. I will still continue to follow Rule #3! Commenting is the least I can do from time to time when I get such interesting information from your blog and comments.

  6. I would like a password, you have got my curiosity raging. As far as me posting on your post I have only left one I believe. Well this makes two, so hey I am almost there!! I have a couple of ok post. I am not a skilled writer, but I do try. Exercising and masturbating is a good post of mine. and hey I have a sexy picture!!

  7. Maybe you already have what it takes.

  8. Hey when do I get my pass word. I am over three comments now:)

  9. May I have the password, Dear Exhibitionist?

  10. Hi,
    My Name is Anastasia. I happened to find your blog site via BettyHomebanger. Who has closed her site. As I was away for the last 3 weeks. I must say I Do Admire your Selective process, and pre-requisites. I consider myself a Female “Pervert At Heart”, and enjoy All the Blogger’s I Follow. I gravitate to Like Minded Folks, as I’m here on you site, and new a New Follower.
    Your Friend,

  11. Hi AM. I wanted to ask you something but feel uncomfortable putting it on the comments section… Please do email if its ok.

    • If it’s a question about me or my blog, please don’t be embarrassed to ask as a post comment. It’s pretty unlikely I’d be too embarrassed to answer.
      That said, I’ve temporarily changed my comments settings so that all comments need to be approved by me before anyone else can see them.
      So feel free to ask. I’m intrigued.

  12. Re you still sending out passwords?

  13. Looks like a fun group ❕

  14. You have a great site.
    When you can, please send password, thanks.

  15. I didn’t check send updates

  16. Welcome back, Am. You have been missed πŸ™‚ Your latest post with a new members photo is intriguing… Would you indulge me?

  17. Frank Friend Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog pretty regularly (email subscriber too) and I didn’t even realize there was a members area. But now I’m not able to read your post, so I’ll ask for a password πŸ™‚

  18. Frank Friend Says:

    I did send you an email (rule 5). I shall try to comment when I feel I have something to add to the discussion. πŸ™‚

  19. Would love to have the password . Just found your blog I empathize with a lot of what you write about. I can’t promise I will write long comments

  20. jcisme123 Says:

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to find the link to write to you to request access. Help!

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