Nasty words

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In 1785, Francis Grose‘s A Classical Dictionary of The Vulgar Tongue listed the word as C**T as meaning a nasty name for a nasty thing. Having fathered 10 children, it seems likely Grose was quite fond of cunt, so his definition is perhaps a little disingenous.

According to Holy Shi*t by Melissa Mohr, profanity can Continue reading

Sinful Sunday 442 – Zoetropic

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Even in the days before colour had infused the world of pornography, and couples live streaming themselves fucking online was so far from the imagination that it would have blown Jules Verne’s mind quicker than he would have blown his load, a object of fascination in the parlour was the Zoetrope.

Sinful Sunday

Whilst I’ve long been a fan of vintage porn, especially Continue reading

Sinful Sunday 441 – Work clothes

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It’s been a while since work has seen me sat a desk for a protacted period. And for mid September, in a converted loft, (both my solitary bedroom and office space) it was Continue reading

Sexually transmitted infection

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Surely it was coinsidene that I was about to pen a post on email scams when my WP feed pointed me at Madeline Harper’s post on Hinge Scams. Perhaps Madline is stalking me, or WP is data-mining my Hotmail account and then feeding some nefarious algorithm to ascertain what topics to promote.
Most likely it was just coinsidence.
Whatever …

Having learned a couple of important Continue reading

Sinful Sunday 440 – Bruise pristine

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For some Sunday Sinners, bruises are obviously something to be proud of. A mark of devotion? I’m not sure – it’s not my thing. [Ed: Not that we’re criticising – your kink is yours and you have every right to it.]┬áBut …

Having got home from holiday feeling incredibly horny, it was inevitable that Continue reading

Return of the dissolute

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Until I started following Hyacinth’s blog, I don’t think I was really familiar with her titular, introspective adjective – dissolute. Hy is, I think it’s fair to say, proudly dissolute, in a league to which I can only aspire. I’m not as regular a reader as I used to be of her story, but it’s hard to think of a time when she hasn’t been fucking at least one guy [Ed: We can only wonder whether AM has jerked off to fantasies of being recorded as a notch on whatever remains of Hy’s bed post.]

But whilst I Hy has probably had more fucks every week of the last 2 years than I’ve had in total in the last two years, dissolute is still a label to which I can easily ascribe. For example …

We got back from the family holiday. As soon as we’re in the door, Continue reading

Never never say never

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… and amidst Our failing to be unequivocally better at being a coherent Us, something struck me.

On Our last day with Dr Ruth, we touched on the issue of sex. The thundering mammoth in the room. We barely scratched the surface.
No … it was less even that that. We only really acknowledged that there was a surface to be scratched.

On holiday, after the first couple of days, as we bickered on an almost daily basis, I found myself realising Continue reading

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