Return of the butler

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When my Wife and I met, we were members of a minority sports club. Whilst shopping for underwear in a gay shop in the red light district of The Big Smoke, I stumbled upon a greetings card. It featured a very buff, naked man participating in our sport. Only his face and Continue reading

Sleeping arangements and other things

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There was discussion about the logistics of Xmas. Transportation of elderly relatives. Menu choices. Shopping for food. Sleeping arrangements.  In their own way any if these are equally tortuous matters. Sleeping arrangements (we have been sleeping in separate rooms for over a month now) were probably mentioned early on. The discussion was postponed until the younger proportion of the family was tucked up in bed.

I had a moment alone in the kitchen. I reflected on sleeping arrangements. My thoughts were not of sex, just of being in bed with my Wife. I really wasn’t thinking about sex. Really. Just sharing the same 5ft by 6ft space. But Continue reading

Here We go again

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Six years. Would you believe it, Dear Reader? Last week represented six years since I started this blog. Having looked back at how it has told the story of much of Our Dysfunction, I’m surprised.
On the one hand, it was when I resolved to try to resucitate our flagging sex life, though I don’t really remember what had led up to that in any detail.
It was also when my Wife willingly accepted The Infamous Red Lingerie for Xmas.
And possibly most significantly, it was only a couple of months before we first visited a marriage counsellor.
I honestly can’t get my head around how these things fitted together in such a short period of time.

And here we are again. At our first session with a counsellor. Albeit one that comes from a sex therapy angle.

Sex is Continue reading

A perfect storm

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To Her credit, I think She’s been trying in the last couple of weeks. She has overtly said appreciative things. She has said thank you. A couple of times She has seemed to rein Herself in to a small degree.
When She gets home from work, She generally passes the kitchen window, and I’m generally cooking for the rest of the family. Tonight She Continue reading

What’s in a word

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It never ceases to impress me how much significance is invested in some words.

  • A vocal feminist I know recently took to their soapbox to expound on how “Guys” is not gender neutral: you wouldn’t ask a man if he fucks “guys”.
  • The night I complained about Our pedestrian progress towards sex therapy, I also mentioned Continue reading

All change

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It took 3 days, 20 emails, 7 text messages and 2 phonecalls between me, the sex therapy clinic and my Wife to get an appointment before Xmas. And that didn’t include whatever it took to arrange childcare.

For most of that I was just piggy-in-the-middle. If my Wife had made the phone call Herself, it would have been so much simpler. But having recently thrown back at Her Her own historical assertion that She’s a control freak, I wondered if She was making a point of abdicating responsibility.

Along the way it transpired we had been loosely booked to see Carol some time in the New Year. I didn’t remember that being mentioned. Anyway, we were now seeing Sue a few days before Xmas.

Out of curiosity I later looked at Continue reading

Another day, another fight

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It doesn’t even matter why it started. It doesn’t matter what it was about. It was probably my fault – I’m just feeling so entrenched at the moment that She could probably say exactly the right thing and I’d take it as exactly the wrong thing and then We would spiral off into tit for tat mud slinging.
Maybe She said the wrong thing?

Somehow we got to the topic of Continue reading

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