Sometimes you have to say please

Blogging is a little bit like being an escort. You advertise your pussy for hire, and then wait to see who turns up to stick their dick in it. Some clients you’ll like, some not so much, Every client will call you for a different reason – failed marriages, insatiable libido, difficulty engaging with women, a desire to explore their own sexuality, or maybe you offer some service that would never be countenanced by their SO.

The good clients are the ones that treat you as a real person, with respect, and who will notice and care if your head’s not quite in the right place. And if they turn out to be regular clients, even better – you can get to know them, learn how to press their buttons, and maybe even get to a point where you’ve let them know enough about you that you can actually enjoy being fucked by them.

Then there are the clients who call out of the blue, ask for the kinkiest service you list on your online profile, fuck you in the most selfish way possible, and leave you feeling used and soiled. But at least you’ve got their money.

Blogging is a bit like that.

My favorite readers are the regular ones. Those who have made an effort to read more than one post, who turn up regularly, who I enjoy turning on, and with whom I enjoy flirtateous conversations.
My least favorite readers are those who typed a kinky phrase into a search engine and somehow, up popped my blog quicker than their swollen gristle. They click the link, skim read the text, jerk off over a couple of pictures, and then disappear to mine the fetid depths of the online porno-sphere. Such is there right, even if it is not something I actively seek, and at least I got another hit banked on my stats page. For that is the currency of blogging.

As a hooker, if you’re going to advertise anal amongst your services, even if it’s something you enjoy only occasionally, when you’re in the mood, you have to be prepared for some neanderthal to book you at short notice, just so they can bugger you till you grimace with every thrust, then drop their used condom on the rug, wipe their cock on your shirt, and leave without even a thank you.

Blogging is a bit like that too.
If you mention ball stretching or golden shower, you’ve got to expect attention from a certain demographic.

Which is pretty much exactly what happened.
But I have a solution.

I’m still going to write on kinkier topics from time to time (and will probably even resurrect an old post or two), but if you want to read them, Dear Newcomer, you’ll need to become a regular reader. And the easiest way for me to know you are, is to comment on posts. To get involved. Then just let me know …


… that you want to read them and then, Dear Reader, I’ll send you the appropriate password.
Happy reading.

5 Responses to “Sometimes you have to say please”

  1. I hear you AM, I’m a new blogger and I would love to get people to read what I write as well as just look at my pretty pictures.

    Make them work for it… πŸ˜‰

    • The idea of new and old bloggers makes me giggle. I wrote that post 3yrs ago, and I’ve long dropped the idea of Membership. I guess a hooker can’t afford to be that choosey. πŸ˜‰
      But I’m definitely a fan of the <!–more–> tag – at least readers have to click on a link to read the post. (And it helps keep track of whats getting read on the Stats page too.)
      I confess I’ve not read a lot of your blog – there seemed to be a high percentage of wonen’s sex toy reviews, which is not something I have a lot of use for, but I’ll have another look.

    • I try to write some non ‘sex toy-related’ posts too. And some of my posts are for ‘male’ toys. I tend to get guests to do those for me, since my hubby is not an avid toy user. It’s just a case of looking through the categories πŸ˜€ Thanks for stopping by my blog, welcome anytime πŸ‘

  2. secretsexualwesttx Says:

    Great read!
    Penetrating insight on blogging.

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