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More more more?

Posted in Something else with tags , on January 10, 2017 by Accidental Masturbator

It’s too long since I blogged regularly. And far too long since I indulged in the pleasure of reading many of my favorite sex blogs. Now I think I may be coming returning to Blogsville on a more regular basis. But things have changed since I daily hung around the back streets of this dirty old town, skulking in the shadows with my hand down my pants.

It looks like many of my regular readers have moved on – I miss them already, but I wish them luck and fuck.
More significantly, many of the sex blogs I used to enjoy seem to have either closed for business, transfered to less policed hosts, or moved behind closed portals. It seems too often we smut monkeys need to be kept out of site.

So I need a little help from those who are still reading this blog, especially those who’ve been hanging around my sordid little corner the world-wide-wank for the longest.

Where has everyone gone? If my comments no longer appear on your posts, where can I now find them?
Where can I find the old crowd? If you’re still in with the in crowd (you’ll know if you are) where are they now? (If indeed they want to be found.)
But equally important, where’s the fresh meat? What blogs should I be searching out?

Tell me, Fellow Pervs and Pervettes, what gorgeous filth shold I be reading?

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