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Napoleon XIV

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There seems little point in reporting this. But somehow I feel compelled to record it.

The fights are getting more regular. The irony is, perhaps, that they stem from Us actually talking. Except We’re not really talking – We’re just blaming.

The most recent started with Continue reading


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I’d had a shit morning.
Life on the front line of being a grownup had seen fit to give me two good kicks before We left the house. The consequence, I could so easily have pulled out of going to our therapy session today. It even went through my mind to get there and then excuse myself, leaving my Wife to talk to Sue on Her own.
But I didn’t.
Perhaps that would have taken more spine than I could muster.

Sue: You’ve been away. How was that?
Her: It started well on the first day. The next couple were more difficult, without us talking a great deal.
Sue turned to me …
Sue: How do you feel it went.
Me: It was Continue reading

Pt 2: … and then some idiot opened the box

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When Pandora’s box was opened, the world was filled with horrors.
When Schrödinger opened his box, he discovered the cat was …

After I’d lain in bed for an hour, staring at the hotel bedroom ceiling, She woke and went to the bathroom. I took my opportunity to get up and dress without disturbing Her. Our waking paths crossed as She retreated to the bed and I retreated to a corner of the hotel suite where We wouldn’t disturb each other.

Over the next couple of hours I reflected on the previous day.
I sank.

An hour or two passed.
One of the first things She said Continue reading

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