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Statistical analysis

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Yeah, yeah, I know. Not the sexiest of titles, but bear with me. This post may well change the way you view your colleagues: you are probably working with more pervs than you realised.

When a friend recently pointed me at this video online, I thought I must add a link to it in my blog. Then I forgot about it. A few weeks later, and it’s obviously been doing the rounds as I came across it again on Kate Gilmour’s blog. So thanks to Kate, here it is …

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I’m a kinky little thing … apparently

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Having recently added up all the money I’ve spent on sex, and then told you all about it, Dear Reader, it seems I’ve let the cat out of the bag about my less vanilla side. “You are a kinky little thing aren’t you” was the response from one of your number. So I suppose I should fill you in on some of the details. Continue reading

And now She knows!

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My cock has not been sheathed in latex for 6yrs or probably more. Testament to that was the fact that the box of condoms was still sealed in cellophane whilst the rubbers are only a couple of months away from their expiration date. This is not because I’ve been flagrantly waving my cock around without a care for health, but Continue reading

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