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Napoleon XIV

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There seems little point in reporting this. But somehow I feel compelled to record it.

The fights are getting more regular. The irony is, perhaps, that they stem from Us actually talking. Except We’re not really talking – We’re just blaming.

The most recent started with Continue reading


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Three days.
Three fights.
It’s hard to say which was the worst.
In the middle of the last, We sat down to talk.

For the most part, what She felt She got from Continue reading

One step forward, two steps back.

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Relationship Counselling / Sex Therapy : Session #4.
It’s 3 weeks since our last session.
At Session #3, The Big Bad had been mentioned as a subject for future discussion.
Obviously by The Big Bad, I mean SEX.

We didn’t start talking about sex.

How were we doing?
My Wife opined that Continue reading

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