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Women I’ve slept with – Pt 11 – Ep 2 : Play things

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When I ran out of Tania’s flat at the end of A night on the sofa, my fingers still bearing the lingering perfume of Tania’s pussy, I was late for a flight to Amsterdam, the European destination of choice for libertarians with a taste for coffee houses and brothels. Fortunately I had dived into a taxi who’s driver was sympathetic towards my plight and he was good for his word and he got me, and my passport, to the airport in time. I met up with the boys and we embarked on exactly the sort of weekend you’d expect for a bunch of guys in their early 30s in Amsterdam: we chilled in the cafés, browsed the sex shops and porno cinemas of red light district, two of the lads paid for a little company (though they were both quite disappointed by the value for money) and a couple of us even Continue reading

You get what you pay for

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Some people can separate sex and love. Convention would have us believe that that’s ostensibly a male trait, but from conversations I’ve had with women about such things, and from the limited amount of reading I’ve done, it is certainly not a uniquely male ability. A friend of a friend once related to me how she had met a man at a work related seminar, they rented a hotel room as soon as it finished, fucked each other’s brains out (her phrase) for an hour or two, and then never saw each other again. So there’s certainly president.

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