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Satisfaction guaranteed?

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I like to think I’m not too egocentric, Dear Reader. Whilst my outer carapace glistens with a deep hue of confidence (regrettably sometimes mistaken for arrogance) you don’t have to scratch too deep to find the deep, murky swamps of insecurity on which far too many of our personas are founded. So who amongst us doesn’t like to have our ego massaged from time to time?

After I noticed the evidence of a constricting condom last week, it occurred to me that

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Self appreciation

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As I sat spinning the cogs of untaxing work, my mind inevitably wandered off to the sticky back streets of the debauched red light district in my head. By way of a small diversion, rather than a cigarette-break, or a screen-break, an hour or so earlier I had had a sex-blog break. (Combined with pretty satisfyling cum-break.) Amongst the smut I invoked upon my computer screen, two particular things piqued my interest.

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